Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday July 16, 2023 show features Casual and Caustic Interchanges with Dreamcatcher, Vikki, Nicola, Tamarack, Bhakta, and Reggie Flashbacks to 1-2-00 and 1-6-00 when phones were ringing, and service providers spoke up

The Sunday July 16, 2023 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides includes:       


+++  Dreamcatcher’s latest adventures: bike transfers, overdoses, new Armory residence, and more
+++   Vicki and Nicola on the police assault against Vicki next to the Dregs/Munch cafe             

+++   Pacific Avenue Snapshots:  Tamarack Drum Meditator, Bhakta—Swami on the Sidewalk      

+++   “Ready to Roll” Reggie Meisler plotting pushback against the OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance)

Also included:  Flashback to partial section of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides January 2, 2000
+++   “Maryland Latest to Rethink Bootcamps” for Juvenile Offenders
+++   UCSC Camping Criminal Brian; Richard Williams on Homeless Families; Tess Armello—memories of brothers assaulted by deputies; Rolland on rousted alcoholics on beach; Panhandler on the Pavement   

+++   Barricaded rooftop band-sters hold off the coppers           

+++   Jaywalking tickets on Pacific Avenue—Mark & Sonny Harper Report             

+++   Sufferin’ Bob’s New Year’s Eve Copwatch Report             

+++   Homeless Issues Task Force [HITF]’s on Mayor Sugar’s Refusal to Put Sleeping Ban on the Agenda December 7th              

+++   Beggarbacker Becky on the Homeless Deaths for 1999—first annual list 18 deaths since Jan 1999

Additionally: Flashback to partial section of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides January 6, 2000            

+++    Scott Clod on Officer Over’s attempt to steal homeless backpacks    +++    “Scope it Out” Scott denouncing Broadway-Brommer Bike Path as Cop Surveillance Device
+++    Tracy D’Angelis on  New Year’s Eve Copwatch & Steadfast Steve Argue in Jail           

+++    Eichorn Case and the Necessity Defense in Homeless Cases            +++    Homeless Services Center Director and HITF Vice-Chair Ken Cole outspokenly critical of ordinances used to harass the homeless            +++    Rough-tongued Roxanne Acqusitepache on shadow mayor Beiers strategy to make the new Council impotent on homeless issues            +++    Friendly-to-a-Fault Fred Geiger on labor, Beach Flats, and transportation issues