HUFF chatter on response to latest Meadow sweeps, vehicle seizures 10:45 a.m. – 1 PM Sub Rosa Cafe/Courtyard 703 Pacific New Street Spirits Next to the Bike Church Coffee and crunchables

HUFF Agenda Prospects 7-20-23   

  ++++  Priorities, Pass-Arounds, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs         

  ++++  As ever…Street reports; Sweeps on Golf Club Drive: Demo?  

  ++++  Shitty Council Report \6-27  (Check out Thursday’s BB show) 

  ++++  Martin v. Boise Update:       


   ++++  Marin County campcrushing:    

  ++++  Evening show: McHenry Update: (Check latest BB show) 

  ++++  Ukraine war creating 5 million+ homeless; nuke war looms; peace talks; August 6th Protest 11 AM Town Clock…Resolution 

  ++++  Mayor grilling—Additional Updates 

  ++++  Psychiatric Sadism: Baba Ito’s Imprisonment and Forced Drugging, Upcoming MH Board meeting

  ++++  Sleeping Ban/OVO Law Flyers:  Help Needed 

  ++++  Capitola RV tenants further update   

  ++++  Phone Attempted Call to Fresno activist Desiree Martinez   

  ++++  Legislative Updates: AB 920 (banning “homeless” discrimination) SB 31 (banning sitting, lying, or camping within 1000′ of a daycare center, library, park or school); SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, (easier conservatorship, forced drugging, and 5150ish powers)    

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  ++++ HUFF Street Spirit article archives:    

 ++++  Checking in: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes,  

  ++++  Various stories of interest:     TBA  

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