Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday NOVEMBER 5, 2023 show features Anti-War Protest in Portland, OR & Santa Cruz CA; Reports from the FNB Free Zone from Kazoo, R. Woodleaf, & Cooper; Flashback to 8-1-10–PeaceCamp Dialogue with the Deputies & more

The November 5, 2023 show includes:

The Flashback to August 1, 2010 includes (roughly):

  • Curbhugger Chris Doyen & Beggarbacker Becky Johnson review warnings from Lt. Plagerman  last night at PeaceCamp 2010.
  • Razor Ray and Lighthouse Linda on legal strategies
  • Deputies confront PC2010 protest founder attorney and sleepcriminal Ed Frey
  • [throughout ] numerous pieces from the Capitol Steps satirical musical group
  • Observers Malcolm McGowan and Marge Thornhill inspired to stay the night at PC2010
  •  [8-1] Follow-Up report from Curbhugger on PC2010 goings on
  • Daniel Ellsberg’s Wikileaks Wish List and other reports from foreign war zones
  • Interviews from Ronee Curry’s Chess, Beans, & Burritos table with a UCSC sexual abuse researcher
  • Oral Communications at a Recent City Council meeting
  • Ronee brings the Drum Circle to PC2010
  • Pacific Ave. & PC2010sters on July 29th.–Z Moon, Pizzalover, and Terrorist #7