Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday October 8, 2023 show features a very recent interview with Mayor “fast Lane” Fred Keeley and a Flashback to July 6, 1997 (Interviews from Santa Monica & San Jose) + a bit from 7-20-97’s Washrock controversy

The Sunday Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show for October 8, 2023 will include:

The Flashback to the July 6, 1997 show will include:

  • Bathrobespierre’s Update on Police Abuse & General Intro
  • Justman Jim Cosner on his arrest for bannering a fence on Pacific Avenue
  • The Balderos Appeal from Jail, and the Upcoming Santa Cruz Youth Curfew
  • Interview with “Consolidate”, his group harassed for small marijuana sales
  • San Jose Rachel Perez, Human Rights Defense Committee activist 
  • Phone interview with Michael Feinstein, Santa Monica Green Councilmember fighting Sitting Ban on the 3rd Ave. Promenade
  • Midnight Special Bookshop owner Margie Giz on big money deforming Santa Monica
  • June 24th Santa Cruz Oral Communications
  • Speaking against the Palo Alto anti-homeless Sit/Line law after a year of extended debate (from March 1997)

Flashback: Portions of the July 20, 1997 show include:

Discussing strategies for response: James E. Magner reports Washrock laundromat manager attacking him.

Washrock’s employee defends the management and its policies for its “anti-loitering” policies.

[7-19] Bruce reports manager told him to leave though he was waiting for his friends’ laundry to finish.

Mark reports on being turned away from the Washrock restroom.

Bathrobespierre on some examples of mediation through Street Performers Guidelines and Kimberly Hallinan/Daniel Rubin mediators.

Opposing the hypocrisy of the City’s honoring radical activist and musical saw player Tom Schreibner and harassing current performers.

Free, 23-year old visitor, on her husband’s jailing, restroom exclusion, police harassment, and other complaints Upcoming Sleepcrime trial of Dragonsheart Dan Hopkins for peaceful protest against the Sleeping Ban in the City Hall Sleepers Protest.

Billy Starr on his $270 ticket for sitting on a planter edge