Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday October 5, 2023 show is a Flashback to December 22, 1995 featuring a lively debate between Mayor Mike Rotkin and Bathrobespierre Robert, with more from Dragonsheart Dan Hopkins, Celine Pasquale, and Bob Lamonica

The September 28, 2023 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides (a February 13, 2005 flashback) includes:

  • Mayor Mike Rotkin, in-studio guest, on his view of the history of homeless activism in the 80’s, establishing the Cedar St. cold-and-rainy-night shelter, defends the closing of the Coral St. Open Air Shelter and the City’s 11 PM – 8:30 AM Sleeping Ban.  Bathrobespierre denounces the Citizens Committee for the Homeless [CCH] violation of the agreement with Save Our Shelter [SOS]
  • Robert (Battleweary Bob) Lee (Patton) calls in to denounce Rotkin
  • Celine Marie Pasquale, writer of The Public Response to Homelessness in Santa Cruz 1989-1994, notes Rotkin’s “best services” and asks if he’d consider a multi-city alliance to pressure legislature or file an emergency declaration.
  • Red Top Robert Flory notes his concern while homeless was local oppression against homeless in the form of local ordinances; Norse goes into the details of the City’s oppressive panhandling laws.
  • Pasquale notes Rotkin-supported laws support anti-homeless stereotypes; homeless caller confronts Rotkin as seeking to control people and deny them free spaces.
  • Dragonsheart Dan in studio, member of SOS committee, defends Bathrobespierre and others who aren’t homeless who support the homeless, describes being harassed by the Hosts in the first 45 minutes of his arrival, corrects Rotkin’s description of the reasons for closing the shelter.
  • Rotkin rejects a roadside resting law.
  • Questions about the New Brighton Beach situation
  • Pasquale on the oppressive social control behavior of the Hosts; Rotkin defends them.
  • Bob Lamonika on the two-tiered society—and final comments.