Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday September 24, 2023 show features Town Clock Talk at Home and People’s Park Education in Berkeley + Flashback to BB show from February 20, 2005: Many Street Interviews; Povertycrats Duck Opposing Sleeping Ban–and more

The Sunday September 24, 2023 show includes:

  • More historical songs from David Rovics with his commentary [throughout]
  • [9-18] Berkeley Chess Club founder Jesse Shehan discusses various struggles: to save People’s Park as community-developed open space,  to stop the City’s coercive attempt to shut down Chess Corner at Telegraph and Haste, and more
  • [9-18] People’s Park interviews with Dale Yoders—homeless friend and visitor to the Park; Kenny, Dale’s homeless roommate, with intricate spiritual notions and a passion for defending the Park
  • [9-18] Cat, the Adeline and Russell tent survivalist living outside next to the Adeline corridor
  • A lonely visit to Brent Adam’s former Footbridge Services closed office at 150 Felker
  • [9-23] “Kindly Claws” Cooper calls out police and judges for bad faith and bad policy
  • [9-23] Videojournalist Damene Haynes on police violence and theft affecting him personally
  • [9-23] Montserat Chatfield on free phone distribution at the Town Clock
  • [9-23] Eihen Miller, fast-talking former firefighter on walkin’ the homeless walk
  • [9-21] Rightful Reggie Meisler updating the HUFF community on the City’s slow steps towards banning “oversized” vehicles.

The Flashback to February 20, 2005 includes:

  • [throughout] Sections from the Capitol Steps satire Papa’s Got a Brand New Bagdad
  • [2-10]Happyheart Hale, Visionsong Valerie, Just-in-Town Jeff, Angel-on-the-sidewalk, Free, Vincent, Junior, Rachel & Skittles,   at the Vigil Against Two Wars table
  • Roger’s stay-away-order report….Disappearing bench from in front of SC Diner on Ocean St.
  • Homeless Lack of Services Center  [HLOSC] Board of Directors considering Human Rights Organization’s proposal asking that the Board support a pro-homeless lawsuit with Bob Patton, Don Lane, Bernard Klitzner, Ken Cole, 
  • Rita Craft reports police photo’ing petitioners and food gatherers
  • [2-6] Don Snyder, Gregarious Greg, Dan Hemmingway, Bobby MacGee, Vitaltongue Valerie & at SAFE event #55 
  • City Council preview for upcoming meeting
  • Fred Gardener’s CannibaNotes
  • Fick Nuller from Germany calls in
  • Andrea Meagan on the absence of marijuana centers
  • Andrea Tishler of Compassion Flower Inn on Measure Z conference in Oakland