Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday September 21, 2023 show is a Flashback to February 10, 2015 with interviews with Ralph Meyberg, successfully fighting the SC Hotel project, Fresno’s Mike Rhodes on Brazilian landless now with land

The September 21, 2023 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides  is a February 10,  2015 flashback.  It includes:

  • [Music from Inner City musical at intervals]
  • Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe: Busting Free Radio 
  • Brian Joseph Shiro, held a week in jail, for Officer Pam Bechtel’s Skateboarding ticket
  • Grant Wilson of Art & Revolution & Merryweather Mike Podesta brief interviews
  • Ralph Myberg of SCRAP opposing the $66 million Santa Cruz Coast Hotel
  • Fresno’s Mike Rhodes on landless taking back and tilling the land in Brazil
  • Good Times weekly covers the John Maurer “Fuck the Pigs” sign