Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides the 3-5-23 edition features Interviews with Suzanne Winchel, Brent Adams, Raffa Sonnenfeld, Alicia Kuhl, Reggie Meisler about unhoused rights

The March 5, 2023 show includes:

  • Interview with activist Alicia Kuhl on Reggie Meisler’s success in forcing local authorities to remove “No Parking at Night” and other restrictions from the Coastal zone—signs that have no Coastal permits assuming local access.
  • [throughout] Topical 1980’w songs critiquing right-wing UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger in their Naming the Names album.
  • 3-2 Interview with “Backstory” Brent Adams on the history of Footbridge Services, Evan Morrison (who runs a govt. RV parking program), future documentary work, and more…
  • The 1381 Peasants War in song and story
  • Parks & Recreation [P&R] Dept’s gentrification presentation at the Hotel Paradox
  • “Reckoning Now!” Reggie Meisler’s analysis of the P&R show.
  •   “Sanctioned Encampments, Police Profiling…in Salinas”, video by Salinas activist Wes White at
  • Raffa Sonnenfeld responds to criticism of the City’s CACH committee and the poverty pimps (“shelter and ‘road to housing’ services”).
  • “Crazy Mary” on her link up with Housing Matters
  • “Side of the Road” Suzanne on organizing survival campers along Hiway 9