Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday January 25, 2024 show is a Flashback to January 12, 2012 featuring Commentary on the aftermath of the police crackdown on Occupy Santa Cruz plus interviews outside the County jail at a protest there

The  January 25, 2024 show is a Flashback to January 12, 2012 which includes:

  • Songs from the musical Working by Studs Turkel throughout
  • Bathrobespierre on continuing administrative curfew crackdown on political protest at the County Building and judicial muzzling of protest  by Gary Johnson under 647e (“illegal lodging”).
  • Brian Parquette claims meter ticket from Officer Warren after having paid up
  • 1-11  Noise at Noon rally at the back of the jail demanding freedom for imprisoned activist Gary Johnson; the protest including Bikelock Mike, Angel, Silver-Tongued Steve Pleich, Ed Frey and others.
  • Interview with Occupy D.C. Kimberly and Rush to appeal to Congress
  • SC Sentinel’s editor Don Miller defending SC Mayor and povertycrat Don Lane
  • Rush on ongoing Occupation of a foreclosed house.
  • Cops post photos of occupied bank defaming those legally in the vacant building; Bathrobespierre’s response.
  • Pleich’s report from the Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly 
  • San Lorenzo campground report from Galen Boz, Dreadeye, and (by phone) Dead-On David Silva.
  • “Big Sue” Fresno interview on 12-15 after mass cop raid on tent removal