Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday January 28, 2024 show reviews the City’s latest round of Refugee-Generation Raids at the gates of “Housing Matters” plus a Flashback to May 13, 2012 with a lively benefit for the S.C.11

The January 28, 2024 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides includes: 

  • [1-25] Mama Shannan’s refugee history and where SCPD told her to go in the newest round of Coral St. tent demolition evictions
  • [1-25] Black Shannon gives advice and a ground view of the homeless community 
  • Gaza Genocide Jingles from David Rovics [throughout the show]
  • [1-26] Jacob and Jack at Harvey West claiming Harvey West not a “Safe Zone” (from SCPD demolition)
  • [1-27] More Musing from Mama Shannan
  • [1-27] Rafael Soldana on the rabbit hole of “Funding Matters” at Coral St. and Jeremy Leonard at 1220 River St. and the Armory
  • [1-27] Former In-Home Care worker and local housed resident Sara Mineldi on grueling times in Santa Cruz
  • [1-27] Mello Mel on Bread and Roses food services; Grampa on Security abuses at Dominican, Dedicated Drew on Food Not Bombs [FNB] at the latest UCSC anti-genocide protest, and more FNB voices  
  •  A Place to Sleep

The Flashback to May 13,2012 includes:

  • Skeptical Sidewalk Sitter Erin Johnstone on SCPD’s bad priorities
  • India Joze’s Benefit meal and shindig for the Santa Cruz Eleven [SC 11] including interviews and/or speeches from San Jose John, Lighthouse Linda, Lyrical Eye (Isaac Collins), Dennis Etler, Beggarbacker Becky, and more
  • A protest march in support of the SC 11 with commentary from Bathrobespierre Robert, Angel, Gabriella, and other SC 11-sters
  • A brief clip from Robert Whitaker—Psychiatric myth exploder.
  • Reports from Larry Ryan of San Jose and the eternal Dreamcatcher
  • Making Contact  A show exploring After Apartheid and Genocide—the Reconciliation?
  • Free the Land  Bonus FRSC  show with FRSC broadcasterFree and his guest Bathrobespierre on the trials of Gary Johnson.