Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday October 12, 2023 show is a Flashback to the July 4, 1990 Homeless Congress in Santa Cruz, compiled by Judgment Day John Stewart inspired by the 8 1/2 month long Post Office Homeless Table

The October 12, 2013 Show is a long audio from the 4th of July Homeless Congress rally in San Lorenzo Park, recorded by psychiatric rights activist John Stewart includes:

  • Initial Homeless Independence Day conversations with “Jabberwocky” Jay Green, Bathrobespierre Robert Norse, Stormin’ Norman, EarthFirster, Linda the Lark Edwards, Paddy Long, Barbara Haglund, “Many Miles” Mike, Baba Ito,  WILPF women, Berkeley Copwatcher, Oakland Homeless Unionists, & others  (some parts hard to hear]
  • “Homeless Not Helpless” March Prep & Discussion of Opposing “Take Back Our Town” hecklers
  • Speakers:  Norse, Green, Yahawway, Osamal, George Solis with a Mitch Snyder statement, Gerald of Oakland Homeless Union, Curtis of Berkeley Homeless Union, San Jose-ster, Santa Barbara Mike, Pat Arnold, Pam of Oakland on taking over Old Man’s Park, Dr. Michael Zinn from Orange County,and “Sharin'” Sherry Conable
  • “Backoff” Bruce Van Allen urges activists to drop the demand to end the Sleeping Ban to “do the possible” and “calm things down”.
  • Folk singer Mark Levy sings the satirical “99 Points of Light” celebrating Sandra Lorranger’s jailing for serving free food.
  • March goes on Tour of the Pacific Garden Mall; Stopping at the Forbidden Fence
  • Post Office Homeless Table: Nigel Self, Moonlight Mike Carreiro, Rodent, Stormin’ Norman, Grinning Ray Grueneich
  • Alternating speakers and musicians:  Katzenhammer Keith McHenry on SF, Santa Cruz musician Beverly Adams sings “Vagabonds”, “Homeless Livin'”, Toni Torturella, formerly homeless writer, 
  • Workshops: Andrew Jackson: Housetakeovers; Gerald Waldrin on False Congratulations; Andrea Pritchard: Copwatch; Angela Walters: Vouchers for Housing; Vincent Venson—Oakland Independent Resource Center; Self-Help Program; 
  • Mark Levy sings  Send a Man to Mars
  • San Jose’s Community Homeless Alliance Ministry activist Sandy Perry on Guadaloupe River sweeps under cover of providing housing
  • Bathrobespierre’s invitation to sleep out (illegally) in Santa Cruz; Pam of Oakland on passivity of Santa Cruz homeless; Paddywagon Pete Pascoe on “Being Free”; Berkeley’s John Michael Jones; local sidewalk shyster Ray Grueneich supporting Copwatch; 
  • Kathy calls for broader movement; “Many Miles” Mike on Santa Barbara struggle; Berkeley organizer on Declaration of Interdependence;  Flower on Mental Health torture for street victims;
  • Deep Friend Sea Monkeys strum and twang
  • Afterthoughts about the Protest