Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday October 15, 2023 show features Santa Cruz Free Guide & ‘Safe “Oversized” RV Parking” Director Evan Morrison in dialogue with HUFF from their October 5th meeting and interviews with Cooper, Victoria, Sea Otter, and other

The Sunday October 15, 2023 show features Evan Morrison, SC Free Guide and Safe Parking Manager at the 10-5 HUFF Meeting.  The show includes:

  • Follow-up Letter on the Interview with Mayor “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley: Unanswered Questions
  • David Rovics:  Genocidal Ironies (podcast): 
  • Mostly unedited audio of the 10-5-23 HUFF meeting:  Guest on the Firing Line—Evan Morrison–who runs the Safe Parking for Oversized Vehicles program, also the Santa Cruz Free Guide
  • Details of the Oversized Vehicle program; Successful housing search for a very few
  • Updating and Upgrading the Santa Cruz Free Guide
  • Sweeps and the Armory: Discussion
  • Lisa’s account of being expelled from the Armory
  • Availability of Tier 2 Parking Lots
  • Eric: Macing at the City Hall Fountain
  • Pacific Avenue Birth Day/Birthing Day celebrations with Madeline and the Visionettes
  • Cooper’s Catch-Up Report; Sea Otter on the Sweeps
  • Victoria on the Levee—Saga of Single Survivor there
  • Chitrow Keller—Long Time unhoused guy of darker skin hue