Gather Round the Sub Rosa Courtyard with the HUFFsters–meet 6-30 Thursday 11 AM-1 PM (or so) at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (6-30-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting     

  Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)   

      +++  Pass-Arounds, Announcements, Old Business,  Street Reports      

      +++  Handouts and History Asides     

      +++  Latest Shelter Shamtalk and Shutouts 

      +++  City CONJOB’s Latest Antics: Reggie Meisler Report 

      +++  “Safe Parking” Updates 

      +++  More Culture Wars Chatter from Liberals–or Activist Surge in Wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson trashing of Roe v. Wade?

      +++   The Invisible War: U.S. Funds Proxy War in Ukraine against Russia: More than 6 million homeless.

      +++   Notes from Sausalito’s Robbie Powelson on Foul Marin County Moves Afoot 

      +++  Tabling Downtown Supporting Benchlands & Other Independent Survival Camps–Still an Option  

      +++  OVO Update:  Review of the Appeal; Sign the Petition:   

      +++  Food Not Bombs report and phone update   

      +++  Mad Power Committee Report (if any) Madness Network News and Phoenix Rising Archives: 

      +++  Benchlands and Other Encampment Updates (if any)   

      +++  Latest July Benchlands Clearing Declaration by City Manager:  (10 minutes into the file) 

      +++  Fighting Back:  Role Playing, Documenting, and Solidarity Phoning to Fight Camping Ban Enforcement       

      +++ More Budget Boondoggle==past and June 28; CORE funding for Community Options inquiry 

      +++  Anybody see the 6-28 Webinar about Police Militarization ? 

     +++   Homeless Heat Survival Tips from HUFFster Ursula: soak hair & clothes, stay in shade; drink lots of water if you can find it. 

     +++   Schaul’s Sharings 

     +++   Wes White’s Video of the Koffee Klatch June 11th