HUFF braves heavy moisture Thursday February 1st to meet yet again at the Sub Rosa Cafe. Same new time 1:30 PM to 4 PM though it’s likely to end early at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church

HUFF Prelim Agenda Prospects 2-1-24

  ++++  Priorities, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs , Passarounds

  ++++  Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ rules

  ++++  Hand-outs: TBA HUFF Notes & Announcements:TBA   

  ++++  Street reports; As ever…Beach, Parking Lots, Pogonip, Library, Levee  

  ++++  Coral Street/Harvey West Musical Tents Crackdown: Next Crackdown Prep

  ++++  Depot Park Shelter Open 1 PM Wed 1-31 to noon Fri (capacity 30-50)

  ++++  UCSC Update

  ++++  Evolving Door protests: update

  ++++  Watsonville Cease-Fire shutdown;

   ++++   Last Day to Register to Vote: February 20, 2024

   ++++  Gathering the Evidence: Handout—Incoming and Outgoing  

  ++++  San Mateo: Criminalization disguised as Regulation:

  ++++  Troy’s Lawsuit Project and the Bail Situation: In search of an attorney

   ++++  Protest Targets for Winter Shelter/Stop the Sweeps: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission…

  ++++  End the War against Gaza and the S.C. Poor Petition for Future Use

  ++++  More on Coalition on Homelessness vs. S.F. Lawsuit

  ++++  Possible phone contacts:Keith, Wes,; Reggie M’s: OVO update

  ++++  Pro-Palestinian-HomelessAlliance for next protest; contact follow-up’s.

  ++++  Jail Hunger Strike (started November 8) Jason Cortez seeks dignity from staff; fair complaint process; affordable commissary and phone; attorney confidentiality 

   ++++  Alicia Kuhl: OVO update/support for possible protests as well as point-in-time count outcome; Kuhl’s concerns.  

  ++++  SC Free Guides:

  ++++ Local Anti-War Action:  Ocean/Water St. Saturday picketing 10 am-noon  

  ++++ Placeholder followup—study groups:  student anti-war contacts, Darius rental, Psych rights subcommittee; ticket documenting/public records act request filing 


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