HUFF hobbles forward again Thursday October 19 at the ever-hospitable Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific, smack dab next to the Bike Church starting soon after 10:45 a.m. and going usually until 1 p.m. or so.

HUFF Agenda Prospects 10-19-23 
(agenda subject to change with additions from attenders) (coffee, cookies and carrots provided if you’re quick enough)

  ++++  Priorities, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs       

  ++++  Likely phone guest: Stephen Dunifer, Bay Area creator of Free Radio stations in the 90s

 ++++  As ever…Street reports; Beach, Parking Lots, Pogonip, Library, Levee  

  ++++  No new Street Sheet in hard edition available—next week likely.  Go on line to     

  ++++  Passarounds: DIY Injunction and Preliminary Question Sheet; Berkeley; San Louis Obispo; San Rafael   

  ++++  Response to Mayor “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley’s interview: (5 minutes into the audio file) 

The original Keeley Interview (20 minutes into the audio file) 

  ++++  “Mental Health” Madness: 

  ++++   DIY Injunction Instructions from successful enjoiner Robbie Powelson: 

  ++++  Berkeley Updates: Berkeley 8th and Harrison RV Camp Injunction

  ++++  Recent Correspondence  TBA    

  ++++  How City Targets Homeless: the Data

++++   Former Councilmember Drew Glover’s extensive homelessness file:     

  ++++ new SC Free Guide   

  ++++  Everything you wanted to know—the Official Story on “Safe Parking” with Evan Morrision:  (57 minutes into the file)   

  ++++  Care Court Crapola:     

  ++++  Follow-Up on Q.Z.’s MHCAN concerns; Greybears issues     

  ++++  Street Sheet availability:  For old issues: Drew of Food Not Bombs on Sat and Sunday; paper racks near UN Assoc 903 Pacific; public library perhaps,   

  ++++  Street Shit Sheet #170, 171, 172  still available in hard copy at the HUFF meeting and at       

  ++++   San Rafael pushes its anti-homeless ordinance SMC 19.50 in court  

  ++++    Earlier San Rafael Stories:

  ++++  Santa Cruz Camping/Sleeping Ban  (MC 6.36)!/SantaCruz06/SantaCruz0636.html#6.36       

  ++++  Santa Cruz Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (OVO MC 10.40.120):!/SantaCruz10/SantaCruz1040.html#10.40.120         

  ++++  Shudderworthy Shadows from Julie Schaul


 ++++ HUFF Indybay homeless archive 

 ++++   HUFF Streetshit sheet archives:  

 ++++ HUFF Street Spirit archives (also at Main library Main in hard copy):

 ++++ Earlier Wes White videos at See “City Pressured…”, “Union Pacific” 

  ++++ War Protest audio from Saturday “U.S. Out of Ukraine” protest at Town Clock: (62 minutes into audio file)      


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