HUFF meet Thursday 10-20 Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 703 Pacific 10:45 AM-12:30 p.m. More Benchlands Demolitions on the way

Lots of info and chatter: free coffee, cookies, and carrots as we cook up a counter-narrative and answers to the City’s lies about shelter/housing availability.   Focus on homeless accounts, civil liberties, and resistance through exposure.  Bring your own ideas and items. 

HUFF Meeting  10-20-22 

Agenda Prospects

  ++++  Time keeper; Pass-arounds aplenty; street reports  

  ++++  Benchlands Bulldozing Report on the Destructive 11th   

  ++++  Armory Conditions and Concerns: Adriaane Knox perhaps

   ++++  Phonebanking; Homeless & Refugee Lawsuit Prep;  Connection Project 

   ++++  Strategies for Fighting Likely Future Encampment Demolitions (Loudmouth Tactics, Self-Starter Legal Options, Contact & Follow-Up, Community Support Gathering, Narrative Corrections Publicly) 

   ++++  Sheriff Psuedo-Accountability Proposal; Stupevipers Last Meeting Report

   ++++  Monitoring Homeless Violence & Info Posting Board at FNB: Volunteer?

   ++++  Legal Cases Updates Grants Pass, S.F., Chico Volunteer?

   ++++  Next S.C. Shitty Council Meeting:

   ++++  Latest City Mangler Report (from 10-11 Council Meeting)  

Part 1: (58 minutes into the file)

Part 2: (30 minutes into the file)

   ++++  Eyes to check out Santa Cruz new De La Viega RV Camp:   Watcher? 

   ++++  Oakland’s Wood Street (Cob-on-Wood) still being dismantled: 

   ++++  New Footbridge Services Update: Report on FRSC at  after 6 p.m. 10-20

      ++++  Possible Reports from Sausalito, Sacramento, and elsewhere  

    ++++  Possible Mad Power Committee Report (if any)Conservatorship threats, out-of-county deportation, Reiss protections; Carvalho update, Prepping for the C.A.R.E. courts and the current crushing of crazies.  If our weary researchers have researched

    ++++  Homeless Expenditures—State & City  Watcher? 

    ++++  Shelter Vacancies & Conditions Watcher? 

    ++++  NIMBYs:  Watcher? 

              October issues of Street Spirit are still available at the UN Association at 903 Pacific Ave.  October Street Sheets won’t be available likely until next month.