Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 10-20-22 will stream and archive shortly after 6 PM today. Featured: Voices from the SEIU Strike; Awaiting Devastation in the Benchlands, Cooper’s Daycamp on the Sidewalk

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On today’s 10-20-22 show:

  • SEIU Strike–Day One 10-17–What was the original deal and why was it rejected.  A brief chat with SEIU’s Victor.
  • Unionist Joe Thompson on the Starbucks Organizing
  • Ian Newman, Communications Specialist, elaborates
  • Jaya, street jeweler, on the Benchlands and the broader Santa Cruz street scene
  • Joy Schendeldecker, activist and mayoral contender
  • 10-17 Richard, former homeless good samaritan,  delivering help to the Benchlands
  • Daniel Belgard & Gary: Footpath Moments
  • Jack, Benchlands refugee, reports on the cop carousel spinning him back and forth from here to Texas.
  • Clearheart Cooper on life near the Town Clock