HUFF presents more Free Form Follies with yet another “Loose Cannon” Informal Meeting at Sub Rosa 4-4-24 1:30 PM-3:30 PM at the Sub Rose 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church

HUFF presents more Free Form Follies with yet another  “Loose Cannon” Informal Meeting at Sub Rosa 4-4-24 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM at the Sub Rose 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church  

HUFF “Loose Cannon” Agenda Suggestions 4-4-24  

      At the 3-28-24 HUFF meeting, the group voted to continue the alternate weekly “Loose Cannon” meetings, involving more informal gathering without the usual tight agenda constraints typical of those run by Robert (who may not make the meeting).  The current meeting is the 2nd meeting with looser flow to be created by the HUFFsters themselves inspired by Athena.  The following are suggestions for possible topics, but participants themselves may decide leadership and agenda—if those terms apply. ​Coffee & tea will still be available cost-free.  Bring snacks to share.

            Those with recording equipment are encouraged to record (with the permission of participants) some of the accounts for later on-line play or reference by HUFFsters unable to get to the meeting.

                                       Standard Stuff: Procedures and Reports

++++   Group can decide on its own procedures such as Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ rules, Chair rotation

 ++++   Announcements and Street Reports

           Possible Topics for Discussion and/or Action

++++   Demands for Robert Ratner/Matt, County Homeless Czar (Accountability for $$ spent) and/or Matt\ Huffaker Demand (Stop the Sweeps; Services to Existing Camps)

++++  Agenda Additions

++++Vendor who pays for a spot crowding out street performers, artists, homeless folks, and others wanting to gather


 ++++  Reports from government bodies (City Council, Board of Supes, Mental Health Advisory Board)

 ++++   Incidents from PovertyPimp Palaces (Housing Matters, Armory) & Service Agencies (MHCAN, Grey Bears, FNB, etc.)

                                                    Action Suggestions

  ++++  Follow-Up on Prior Projects such as Surveillance Camera Location (thru direct inquiry, observation, and public records)

  ++++  Additional; Threats of another Coral St. Sweep this coming Monday with more tents posted;  Contact with Patient Advocate George Corvalho for data on numbers of TeleCare psych holds sent out of County last year; Latest update on posting of Reiss protection against forced drugging procedures;  Direct interviews with Tier 2 RV program users; Update on any photos taken and posted of stolen property; Water accessibility at Harvey West, on Pacific Ave., at city Hall and elsewhere;  new Street Spirits and Sheets available;  

  ++++  Rainy Day Thursday 4-4 Predicted;  Possible Protest Targets Stop the Sweeps/Raids: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission… City Hall—City Council meets 3-26    Other targets: ​/Emeline/TelcCare/Supes 

  ++++   Defeat SB 1011:

                                                If enough time and desire

 ++++  Possible phone contacts: Laura C. on Recent political updates and incoming videos/complaints at 245-0956

  ++++  Pro-Palestinian-Homeless Alliance protest info:

  ++++  Legal:

                            New Street Sheet and Street Spirit

   ++++ New April 2024 issues of Street Spirit will be available in hard copy at the first April meeting and the stories likely accessible then on line at

   ++++ The  March & April 2024 issues of Street Sheet will be available at Sub Rosa, Food Not Bombs Town Clock meal distribution Sat and Sun  12-3 p.m. and in the newspaper shelves just outside the UN HQ on Pacific Ave.

   ++++  Editors of these papers may be up for publishing local poetry and street reports—contact Norse at 831-423-4833 for more info.

          Net-Show Access

++++TO HEAR THE BATHROBESPIERRE’S BROADSIDES NET-RADIO SHOW: After 6 PM Thurs & 9:30 AM Sun go to  click on date

++++Description of recent shows: 3-28:


EVERYONE DESERVES EQUAL RIGHTS. Join the Equal Rights for Every Neighbor Coalition in opposing SB 1011 (Jones) – a harmful and discriminatory bill that violates the rights of unhoused neighbors. We need as many organizations and individuals to sign on as possible!

WHAT IS SB 1011? This bill is similar to last year’s SB 31 (Jones), which the EREN coalition successfully killed. SB 1011 would prohibit sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing personal property within 500 feet of any public or private school, open space, or major transit stop, making large swaths of cities off-limits to unhoused neighbors. It would also prohibit being on any sidewalk or street anywhere if a homeless shelter is “available.” Please see the attached one-pager for more information.

HOW WOULD SB 1011 HARM OUR COMMUNITIES? SB 1011 would criminalize the very existence of our unhoused neighbors in public spaces state-wide. We are gravely concerned that SB 1011 would further demonize, destabilize, criminalize, and violate the human rights of unhoused Californians while failing to address the underlying driver of houselessness: the lack of affordable and accessible housing to Californians with the lowest incomes.