Sunday 9-5-21 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show airs and archives 9:30 a.m. or shortly thereafter: Keeping Up to Date with Laura Chatman, J. Sardis on Novato, Reports and Retorts from Homeless Unionsters; Flashback to September 10, 2008

ON THE 9-5-21 SHOW:  
      +++    Lay of the Land at the Santa Cruz Homeless Union‘s latest powow, according to “Let’s Get Going” Laura Chatham.
      +++    Jason Sardis on the Novato Homeless Union’s Injunction still holding
      +++    Carmel campcrushers at the ready, says local paper.      

      +++    Riding the Freedom Road is “Whip ’em Into Shape” Wes White Heading Towards Sacramento and a Labor Day Rally.      

+++    Food Not Bombs Festival with comments from “Mad Mouth” Mike, Hannah from the Sentinel, San Jose Homeless Union’s Robert Aguirre, and Sea Otter      

+++    David Rovics: “Living Free, Dying, and Being a Sociopath”
      +++    Jerry William Cochran denounces the seizure of 72-year-old Dorothy’s motorhome, towed for 5 unpaid tickets      

+++    Fleeing from the fires, Daniel McCrae loses his vehicular home to “law enforcement”.  Hanna Hagmann’s story on McCrae:
      +++     Growls, snarls, and spats  from Anthony Prince, Rose Nay, Wes White, and others fighting police sweeps & struggling for solidarity.
       ****   Troublesome Thomas and Bathrobespierre Robert Review Pack of Poltroons Running for Shitty Council

       ****    Alaska Psych Rights attorney Jim Gottstein

( joins Bob Whitaker, Mad in America author on his forthcoming book Anatomy of an Epidemic ( )       

****    Can SCPD deny info to the Downtown Commissioner —Tim Fitzmaurice’s inquiry?
       ****    “Scope it Out” Scott Graham critiques the Recycled Council Candidates

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