HUFFtime again: Huddle by the Roadside Hiway 9 at 10 a.m. 4-27 Thursday turnout just outside City limits, then retire to the Sub Rosa at 10:45 am for coffee and kvetching

Likely HUFF Meeting Prospects 4-27-23   

  ++++  Priorities, Pass-Arounds, Placeholder Runthrough & Hand-Outs    

  ++++  Street reports; Encampment and Shelter Updates  

  ++++  Special City Council 4-25 Review : if anyone went.  

  ++++  Pre-Meeting Stop the Sweeps Check-In on Hiway 9 Report: Following Up  

  ++++  Reggie Meisler phone appeal and prep for OVO hearing before Coastal Commission 

  ++++  Capitola RV tenants struggle:  possible phone update.  

  ++++  Keith McHenry phone call and update: 

  ++++  Updating Laws: AB 920 (prohibiting discrimination based on housing status); SB 31 making it illegal to sit, lie, or camp within 1000′ 0f a daycare center, library, park or school; SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, making it easier to enforce involuntary and forced drugging and other “treatments”. 

  ++++  Petition management to restore Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit.  Follow-Up?  

  ++++  Possible Reports from Pacific, Oakland, and S.F. on stopping sweeps 

  ++++  Felton’s FEMA Relief?  Helga’s Possible Update

  ++++  Friday 3-5 PM April 28th Record Clearance Workshop 420 May Ave—also PD Clean Slate Day 

  ++++  Robbie Powelson: San Rafael Campcrushing Crackdown;  Camp Integrity Victory 

  ++++  Remembering Joe Pace of Food Not Bombs:  go to Latest Show either 4-27 or 4-30

  ++++   Friday 3-5 PM April 28th Record Clearance Workshop 420 May Ave—also PD Clean Slate Day 

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes, City’s Token Vehicular Lodging Programs. 

City of Santa Cruz – 831-420-5010   Mayor Fred Keeley  –  City Manager Matt Huffaker –  Public Defender: 454-5300 

Police Chief  Bernie Escalante –