Ross Camp Clean-Up, Court Update, and Resistance Strategy Planning; 10 AM Sunday April 28th

While the Temporary Restraining Order is still in effect, court testimony continues tomorrow Monday April 29th in Federal Court in San Jose beginning at 10 AM.
Ross Camp residents need help cleaning up the camp to present evidence in court tomorrow.
They will also be discussing the settlement proposed by the City, which amounts to an agreement to disperse and no additional shelter than that proposed before (the temporary campground at the Benchlands in San Lorenzo Park until May 1st, the boneyard-barbedwire River St. Campground at 1220 River St., the 7th Ave. Shelter, and the Laurel St. Shelter, plus some Motel Vouchers and a few extra beds at the Paul Lee Loft).  The numbers are insufficient to house those at Ross.
Additionally residents will be discussing various alternatives for new places for shelter, since the City is unwilling to provide such shelter.
Come on down and help out.
–Robert Norse
HUFF Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom