Sunday 8-8-21 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show airs and archives 9:30 a.m. or shortly thereafter: Interviews with Wes White, Garrett Stevens, Steve Pleich, and more. Flashback to February 12, 2015

ON THE 8-8-21 SHOW:  
      +++    Exploding (again) the “Hiroshima Massacre Needed for WWII Victory” Myth:
      +++    Sweet Siren Screams of Danielle Savage Throughout
      +++    A Brief Boring Look at the 8-10 City Council Agenda
      +++    California Rent Moratorium Under Attack:
      +++    “Woe to the Wicked” Wes White on the 7 AM Sweeps Coming Up Monday August 9th at Sherwood Park;  Navidad Creek/First Tee 7 AM August 10;  Shout-Back at City Council 4 PM Tuesday August 10.
      +++     “Gracious but Gutsy” Garrett Stevens on Shower Shenanagans in the Benchlands.
      +++    Biden Pressured into a Partial Moratorium Extension:
      +++   “Softball” Steve Pleich Fields HUFF  Questions About the Latest Police Parole Detentions & Arrests along Camp Paradise Trail & the Benchlands
      +++   Lee Camp’s Redacted Show Covers the Half-Baked Rent Moratorium Extension:
      +++   More Pleich Back-and-Forth on Homeless COVID Testing & Vaccination        

+++   “Scope it Out” Scott Graham on the Empty City Council Agenda Coming Up 8-10.

and allies will be kicking off the Pledge to Defend the Benchlands & Other Homeless Encampments 5 PM outside City Hall 5 PM Tuesday August 10th  SIGN UP AND SPEAK OUT ! 

FLASHBACK TO February 12, 2015
Street level interviews with Pineapple, David, and Joshua on DUI’s, harassment homeless ticketing, and other issues

Update on the Small Claims Court Defense Against the Sleeping Ban
Encounter with Roadside Curtis Reliford, Black Samaritan & Activist

Flo on the Camp of Last Resort meeting
Doc Mike and Bathrobespierre on Justice vs. Compassion

Dave Mahere, SC Tenant Lawyer on his S.F. Tenant Lawyering
Councilmember Micah Posner Credits HUFF with lowering bail amounts

Cynthia “Backtalk” Berger on the latest from SC Tenants Association

Bathrobespierre Belches Against Parklets and Public Moneys to Privatize Abbot Square

Backpack Discrimination at Starbucks?

Jimmy of I Help Monterey on the Starfish Safe Parking Program and is 22-year IHM  Church shelter program”

Chuck out Chicanery” Charles, Sitting Ban Protester, Calls in.

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