Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 8-5-21 show netcasts at and archives around 6 PM with FLASHBACK to October 20, 1995

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Merry days from the earliest year of Free Radio Santa Cruz
Co-Host Charles Grey recalls his “living within my share of the world’s available income” both here and in Eugene, where he moved.

Nutcracker Nick Whitehead trips about the studio and Lighthouse Linda Lemaster calls in adding bittersweet sanity and real-life grounding.

Skidmark Bob Duran, Copwatcher and Free Radio regular, gives helpful and caustic updates.

Beggarbacker Becky Johnson on hapless homeless victim Ray McMinn Street Dialogues with Beadster Babes banned from the Farmer’s Market,

Crow–a Dad standing up for his daughter’s doodoo dumpin.An article by Crossroads Chris Brozda, leftist critic of Bathrobespierre

Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe Sketches including the Psychopathology of the Corporate Criminal,

Door-to-Door Sales of Influence for President Clinton,

and more Paul Mortez and Antony Delatno: Sexual Life among the 20-somethings on Pacific Avenue.