The 6-12-22 show streams at at 9:30 AM and archives soon thereafter. SCPD & City Manager PR Extravaganza Flashback to June 13, 2004

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ON TODAY’S 6-12-2022 SHOW:  
     +++    Blasting the Bureaucratic Bullshit with “Backstory” Brent Adams of Footbridge Services
     +++    Food Felon Artur Pawlowski on his trial for feeding Calgary’s homeless during Trudeau’s Lockdown at
     +++    Contempt for the Council Clowns: Koffee Klatchers Nutcracker Nick and Midnite Mel on State and Local Elections
     +++   “Scope it Out” Scott Graham and Bathrobespierre Robert wearily plod through upcoming no-public-please Santa Cruz City Council Agenda
     +++   Summary of the Following June 13, 2004 Flashback
     +++   Scattered Throughout: Snappy Songs of Sparks-and-Sarcasm Social Significance from Dave Lippman (

FLASHBACK to June 13, 2004     

+++   News on Ralph Nader’s Nominating Convention
     +++   Gloomy Poll Results on U.S. Public’s Response to U.S. Occupation of Iraq
     +++   Rough Reality Reminders from co-host Riptide Ray, the radical Hairdresser
     +++   Washington Post:  U.S. Authorized Torture Dogs in Iraqi Prisons
     +++   6-8 Genetically Modified Frankenfood Convention & Protest at S.F.’s Moscone Center: Interview with Farmer Paul     

+++   “Like Offenses Merit Different Penalties” from San Jose Mercury News     

+++   Vaccine Company Rep Defends the Gen Conference
     +++   Becky Johnson:  A Conference of Profiteers rather than Humanitarians?; Attitude of the Conferees to nearby Homeless People      +++   Amnesty International Calls on Tony Blair to Protest Bush’s Torture Actions     

+++   Congo Ray on a downtown Marijuana bust
     +++   Susan P, musician with SAFE on an earlier terrifying police encounter     

+++   Liza, Chair of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee on local actions against the “Patriot” Act     

+++  Paul Marcelin Sampson on the bus line cutback     

+++  Drug War Critique: Smoke and Mirrors by Dan Bauman.