Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 6-9-22 : Catching Conversations at the Koffee Klatch June 6 and 7th

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Summary of the current 6-9-22 Show (Koffee Klatch Conversations 6-7 and 6-8) :

  •    Sunny on Shelter Life & limited help from Samaritans
  •    Lefty on ignoring racism in Santa Cruz
  •    Small sweep at Sycamore Grove, reports “Whip ’em Back” Wes White
  •    Salinas sweep update–more from Wes.
  •    Troy’s Sycamore Grove sweep aftermath account immediately after a looksee.
  •   “Lookout” Laura at the Gay Pride parade.
  •    Bathrobespierre on the why and what of the Koffee Klatch
  •    Federal Judge grants Injunction stopping Fresno from stopping observers of sweeps
  • Jay on racist (anti-Asian) discrimination in Santa Cruz
  •    Daniel on outside hassles and terrorism against the unhoused
  •    Cautious Kevin adds his questions and answers to Daniel’s perspective
  •    Lengthy skeptical analysis by an anonymous City Worker.