Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 3-28-21 now archived at and netcasting 9:30 AM -3 PM San Lorenzo Parksters Under Attack; Further Flashback to the rest of the 8-14-95 Show

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xxx City Attorney Condotti’s proposed “Move ‘Em to the Benchlands and then…to nowhere” proposal coming up for ratification by federal judge Susan von Kuleun at the 9:30 AM Tuesday 3-30 Hearing at
xxx “Katzenjammer” Keith of the SC Homeless Union Jousts with Bathrobespierre on Condotti’s Proposed Order and Explores Unhoused Survival Struggles Around the City

xxx  Strong Limits on Judge-Imposed Cash Bail:
xxx  LAPD Goon Squads Clear Echo Park Encampment:
xxx  Peggy Lee Kennedy of the Venice Justice Committee on the Echo Park Police Assault
xxx  Cries of Rage & Experience from Cecilia, Dreadeye, Joe, Karen, and other Santa Cruz Homeless Union activists at the first formal meeting in nearly a year.
xxx  3-25 HUFF meeting with Monica Tone’s “More Sweeps” Report from the newest Pajaro River Homeless Union Resistance; Warnings of Upcoming Laura’s Law “Needles on Wheels” Opt-In
xxx  Marysville Homeless Union activist Bryan Brown Phone Exchange & more HUFF stuff.

FLASHBACK to August 14, 1995 (the conclusion, continued from the 3-18-21 show]
xxx Rex of First World Students Union  “Judgment Day” & historical homeless activist “Red Top” Robert Flory on corporate Western culture John Stuart, Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcaster and writer of Madhouse Exit provides animated commentary and information throughout on Santa Cruz’s Mental Illness industry. 
xxx   “Tow TotaliTerrorism”—Abusive Confiscation of Car Law from 8-9-95 SF Weekly
xxx  “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster on local tow impounding abuses
xxx   Fully Informed Jury Association and Jury Nullification in Santa Cruz
xxx   Bathrobespierre on SCPD’s failure to forward complaints to the Citizens Police Review Board
xxx   Somewhat distorted recording of Phil Ochs “Color Town” and Phil Free’s “Masturbate and Smash the State”

To hear the full Flashback go to , click on 1995, then go to August 14,1995, parts 4 and 5).
Current Ordinance No. 2021-03 amending Chapter 6.36 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code related to regulations for “temporary outdoor living” (goes into effect April 9) at

Additional Amendments likely to be considered at April 9th meeting to be added to 2021-03,
go to , view agenda item #26 listing those additional amendments.

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