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Food Not Bombs activist and local public space advocate Keith McHenry,  Freedom Sleeper Mainstay Pat Colby, Medical Marijuana Tax Opponent Mike Boyd, Fresno homeless activist and author Mike Rhodes, Councilmember Micah Posner and a way-back trip to 1989 with interviews with “Backyard” Brian Staley, and “Slyshoes” Sandra Loranger in jail for serving soup at the Town Clock.

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Flashback to 1999: Debate Over the Sleeping Ban Today’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Will Look Back on Feb 11, 1999 Tune in at 6 PM Free Radio Today

In February 1999, the new “progressive” City Council had just dashed activist hopes and derailed protest with its 3 month-long Task Force to Examine the Camping Ordinance.   Art and Revolution’s Police Officer Provides Satirical Relief;  Janet Riley, Florida Legal Services in Ft. Lauderdale  where the Pottinger decision made it legal to sleep reports on the success of Sleeping Ban elimination; Silva and Norse Chew Over the City Council’s Latest; Dr. Breser of Broward County, FL denies the “magnet effect”of restoring civil rights to those outside.

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SleepOut #33 Keeping An Eye on Authority Bullying of Homeless Sleepers in Santa Cruz

Title: The Sidewalk is Their Beat: Freedom SleepOut #33
START DATE: Tuesday February 23
TIME: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Location Details:
Patrolling the grounds and sidewalks of City Hall in defense of the homeless, Freedom Sleepers maintain their night watch. They shine their weekly light on the nightly Sleeping Ban and Closed area laws which criminalize 1000-2000 homeless people in Santa Cruz. The event runs from 5 PM Tuesday to around 9 AM Wednesday.
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Toby Nixon (posted by Norse)
Email Address tobynixon [at]
Phone Number 408 582 4152
Police have recently not cited Freedom Sleepers on the sidewalk in front of City Hall. They apparently prefer not to invite further federal and public scrutiny for the obvious human rights violation of denying the poor the right to sleep.

Homeless folks without tents or other protective clothing prefer to shelter in the eaves of buildings. They are unconstitutionally rousted when they sleep in the hallways at City Hall. They are exposed to wind and rain when sleeping on the sidewalk along with the Freedom Sleepers.

Consequently, far more homeless folks sleep in adjacent areas such as outside the library, the Civic Auditorium, and the Greek Orthodox Church–where they are confronted by First Alarm thugs and SCPD. Freedom Sleepers then respond to such abuses by protest and video–which is then posted on line.

Better nighttime video equipment is needed as are greater numbers.

Though today’s is the last city Council meeting in February, some more credulous activists are looking forward to the next Council conclave on March 8. At that meeting former Mayor Don Lane has promised to bring forward his Sleeping Ban “Reform” which removes “sleeping” from the definition of camping at night.

Activists “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster, chair of the City’s former Homeless Issues Task Force, and “Bathrobespierre” Robert Norse have pointed out that the Lane proposal currently retains the “Blanket Ban” which keeps laying out of bedding after 11 PM a crime. So only sleeping without blankets is permitted?

Other Freedom Sleepers have pointed out that banning tents and protective “camping gear” lays the homeless open to rain and cold.

“Push Back” Pat Colby, a faithful Freedom Sleeper food provider and HUFF leader, goes further and points out that police are using other laws to drive homeless refugees out of town such as the “Closed at Night” law and “no trespass” statutes.

Retiring Parks and Recreation Department Czarina Dannettee Shoemaker has used the “Closed at Night” law to cite hundreds of homeless people in the last year with additional extra-judicial ‘Stay-Away” orders added at the whim of the citing officer. Chief Kevin Vogel’s police department has extensively used the “Closed at Night” law with its $198 fine against Freedom Sleepers for simply being at City Hall at night with their “Ban the Sleeping Ban” signs.

Those who wish to demand a new direction in Parks and Recreation more open to the entire community and particularly the low-income and homeless community can supposedly submit comments through March 4 by completing an on-line survey at .

Some HUFFsters have proposed daytime protest action outside the P & R office and/or shadowing P &R’s “homeless camp removal” squads with video.

Closed since late December, the previously 24-hour Soquel Ave. garage bathroom is reportedly on the chopping block for permanent nighttime closure. A thin staff report on the matter was published on the February 9th City Council agenda.

Public Works’ Records as to the specific “abuses” justifying shutting down the bathroom have not yet been made public, but it appears the primary cause for police calls has been folks using the bathroom as shelter. Given the fact that there’s less than 100 emergency shelter mats at the Armory and 1000-2000 homeless people, can you blame them?

Meanwhile the City continues to lock down its City Council bathrooms at night, even though security guards prowl the area. The traditional “poo and pee” homeless-a-phobic rhetoric has apparently been toned down, but the reality is that without facilities, people will do their business where they must.

The weathered Freedom Sleepers invite donations of blankets and food as well as personal visits, even for short periods of time for those disinclined to sleep out.

Folks can also get together afterwards to discuss the night’s events as well as the next steps at the Sub Rosa café Wednesday 11 AM at 703 Pacific Ave.



This posting was created by Robert Norse and is his sole responsibility.

Many Voices from December 2004: Free Radio Santa Cruz Flashback from December 12

Highlights:  Street interviews around  harassment of peaceful panhandlers (Becky Johnson discusses Officer Garner’s new “begging near a freeway” interpetation of a city code)…How corporate is the new Trader Joe’s downtown?….Highlights and Lowlifes at Human Rights Hypocrisy Day  in front of the courthouse with Mayor Rotkin on December 12…Street interviews including more CSO Pam Bachtel harassment downtown…More Human Rights Hypocrisy Day with Pat Clark, Mike Rotkin…Barbara of Clear View Court gives  a caustic update on the destruction of rent control there…Richard Quigley discusses lying CHP officers in his helmet case as well as the banning of Jerry Henry from the Aptos Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center ($25,000 bail and a stay-away for offending the Coffee Roasting Co. manager).
The show broadcasts at 9:30 AM Sunday February 21, 2016 101.3 FM, streams on the internet at  It will archive at
It can also be found at .

Seattle to Open a Third Encampment, Several Safe Parking Zones while Santa Cruz Tightens RV Restrictions, Homeless Crackdown


NORSE’S NOTES:   In Seattle, WA, authorities are taking some steps to provide the beginnings of emergency shelter/housing options for those outside–those with vehicles and those without.   In Santa Cruz, police continue to harass homeless with no shelter (See “Santa Cruz Police Target Homeless Sleepers Downtown” at; have instituted an RV nighttime parking permit requirement (excluding homeless people);  and decline to overhaul the long roster of anti-homeless laws the City Council has cooked up over the years.  Merchants with free-standing commercial signs casually block the sidewalk 12-24 hours per day, while homeless people seeking the necessities of life are banned from sitting on 98% of the sidewalk and forced to “move along” every hour, not come back for 24 hours, and face daily harassment from hosts, security thugs, and armed “law enforcement”.

To view video, documents, and comments, go to


South Seattle could get city’s third homeless encampment

A proposal could mean tents and tiny houses go up in the 7500 block of Renton Avenue South, just off MLK, south of the Othello Light Rail station.

, KING 5 News 7:37 p.m. PST February 15, 2016

SEATTLE – South Seattle could soon be the site of another homeless encampment.

The Low Income Housing Institute is proposing putting a temporary tent encampment called Othello Village at 7544 MLK Jr. Way S.
In a letter to neighborhood residents, Executive Director Sharon Lee said the long-term plan is to develop a new home for a food bank and to build 100 affordable apartments on that property and the adjacent property, 7529 Renton Avenue S.

There’s a one-story apartment building and a commercial building on the MLK Way property. The Renton Avenue location is currently vacant.

“As with any new development, it takes two to three years to design, finance and construct a new building,” Lee wrote. “In the interim period, for one or two years, we are proposing to put in place a temporary tent encampment.”

Last year, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the city council approved a new ordinance that allows for three temporary tent encampments in the city on public or private land. There are already two — one in Ballard at 2826 NW Market Street and another in Interbay at 32334 17th Avenue W.


City leaders under pressure to solve homeless crisis

Lee said the city will help pay for operating costs including tents, a fence for the space, portable toilets, electricity, water, and trash removal.

“Day to day operations are the responsibility of the residents,” she said. “There are strict rules of conduct for residents including no alcohol, no drugs, and no violence.”

A maximum of 100 people will live there, Lee said.

There is a community meeting Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Avenue S.

The non-profit Low Income Housing Institute owns and operates more than 1,800 apartments in the region. LIHI will operate the encampment along with Nickelsville, which is also involved in the other camps across the city.

South Seattle could get city’s third homeless encampment. KING

Seattle mayor issues emergency order for 2 RV ‘safe lots’

Seattle’s mayor makes a major move to create more room for the homeless. Monday afternoon he issued an executive order to create two new safe parking lots for people living in their car or recreational vehicle.

and , KING 5 News 7:49 p.m. PST January 19, 2016

SEATTLE — Mayor Ed Murray issued an emergency order Tuesday to expedite the creation of two safe lots for homeless people who live in RVs or cars. The lots will be located at Ballard’s old Yankee Diner and in Delridge at West Marginal Way and Highland Park Way SW.
The two lots are expected to open in 30 days and will each have an estimate 50-vehicle capacity. Both sites will have sanitation and garbage service, and residents will be expected to follow a code of conduct that prohibits violence and the use of drugs.
Murray said that while the permanent locations are set up, three temporary street parking locations will be set up in Ballard, Interbay and SoDo.
Seattle Public Utilities owns the Ballard location at Shilshole Avenue NW and 24th Avenue NW. Seattle Department of Transportation is negotiating with the state DOT to buy the Delridge location.
Earlier Tuesday, councilmember Sally Bagshaw said talks were underway with land owners to host a possible site.
In a letter to community leaders in the Magnolia neighborhood, Bagshaw told residents meetings are underway with Mayor Ed Murray to determine how to address the RV issue which has prompted several complaints about trash and drug use.
“I still think they are going to keep coming in droves we’re not going to have a big enough park,” said Doug Kruger, owner of Kruger & Sons Marine Propeller in the Interbay neighborhood. Kruger says he’s had issues with theft, and heroin needles left in the street.
At a recent community meeting Seattle police estimated between 175-200 vehicles in the city have someone living inside.
This comes as the mayor declared a state of emergency to fight homelessness and the city is set to spend $50 million this year on the problem.
The mayor will send the emergency order to the city council for approval.

In an effort to get homeless living in RVs off the street, the city of Seattle is trying to find a place for them to park.

First ‘safe lot’ for homeless living in vehicles opens

On Friday, several recreational vehicles began arriving at two homeless camps in Seattle.

, KING 5 News 5:52 p.m. PST February 19, 2016

SEATTLE — A new safe parking lot opened in Ballard Friday for people living out of their RVs. The lot is located outside the former Yankee Diner.
The city paid to tow three RVs from a temporary lot a few blocks away and plans to move 20 to 25 vehicles over the next couple weeks.
“It was a blessing,” said Wanda Williams, who was the first homeless person to move into the parking lot with her Winnebago. “I cried. I have a home for once.”
The city provides 24/7 security, access to limited electricity, bathrooms, hand-washing stations and even a coffeemaker.
A detailed code of conduct was released Friday by the mayor’s office, outlining a long list of requirements and rules for homeless families living in the lot.
The rules include:

  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No dumping trash
  • No open flames

Residents must also work with a case worker who will monitor their status in the parking lot and help them secure housing outside of the site.
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Mayor issues emergency order for RV ‘safe lots’
South Seattle could get third homeless encampment
Seattle’s homeless crisis: How did we get here

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Flashback Fourteen Years Today’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Will Look Back on Feb 14, 2002 6 PM Free Radio Today

Flashing back again to February 14, 2002  In-studio interview with  “Dangerous” John Thielking on the Mumia Abu Jamal struggle; phone interview with former chief Santa Barbara Public Defender and Homeless Champion Glenn Mowrer;   the Supervisor’s Marijuana War–Interview with former owner of the Compassion Flower Inn Andrea Tishler:;  Aftermath of the Privatization of Hippie Planter in front of New Leaf Market,  Jenny Jett of Isla Vista Encampment, and more…

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18th Annual Homelessness Marathon Wednesday Night and Thursday Morning

COMING UP ON WEDNESDAY THE 17TH, THE NATIONAL ANNUAL HOMELESSNESS MARATHON, this year broadcasting from Washington, D.C. near the White House.  Free Radio Santa Cruz  will be broadcasting the 14 hour Marathon from 4 PM PST 2-17 to 6 AM PST 2-18 at 101.3 FM.  The show will also stream at .  For subsequent archiving, browse fpr 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon.  Note that Hour 7 (between 10 PM  and 11 PM   PST) will have a shout-out from local Freedom Sleeper Toby Nixon, who will be at Freedom Sleepout #32 the night before.


The Homelessness Marathon is primarily composed of short, pre-recorded reports and longer live discussions.




7-8 p.m.

We’ll open with Brian Carome, director, and Robert Warren, vendor, from Street Sense, the homeless paper of D.C.  We’ll initiate the first ever “Homeless Primary” by asking homeless people who they support for president, and then, joined by homeless advocate Eric Sheptock, we’ll begin a Homeless Walk Around the White House talking with homeless people there.

8-9 p.m.


The Doug Seegers Story – reported by Tasha Lemly
Long There’s No “I” in” Team” and No “You” In Public Housing” Guest host:  Parisa Norouzi of Empower DC.

9-10 p.m.


Street Poetry

Long The Second Hour of our Homeless Walk Around the White House, plus, from Philadelphia, Cheri Honkala, Director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

10-11 p.m.


Finding A Home In Alaska – reported by Ann Hillman

Long You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Be Homeless, But It Helps: A look at  Mental Illness and Homelessness. plus a shout-out from Brad Lancaster in Shoreline, Washington, who has a homeless encampment in his back yard.  Guest host:  Chantal James, WPFW



Street Poetry

Long If It Don’t Feel Good, Why’s It Illegal? – The Criminalization of Homelessness.  Eric Tars, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty; Paul Boden, Western Regional Advocacy Project, Kristin Matthews, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.  Then:  A talk with Red, a San Diego homeless man arrested for sleeping in a donated tiny house.  Guest host: Otis Maclay.

Mid. – 1 a.m.


Squatters in Venezuela – produced by Making Contact

Long The third hour ofour Homeless Walk Around the White House

1–2 a.m.

Short Street Poetry

Guests:  JoJo Valdez, who was swept from her homeless encampment in Boise, Idaho and Jessica McCafferty of the ACLU; then a shout-out from Toby Nixon, a homeless man protesting for homeless rights in Santa Cruz.  Guest host:  Otis Maclay, Pacifica Radio.


2-3 a.m.


Profiles – Perry, Olive Oil and Junior

Long The fourth hour of our Homeless Walk Around the White House plus a shout-out from Abbotsford, Canada, where they dumped chicken manure on a homeless encampment.

3-4 a.m.

Short Street Poetry
Long What Becomes of Homeless Youth? plus, Nick Dicenzo, who heads Cannabis Can, a charity that distributes marijuana to homeless people in Denver, Colorado. Guest host:  Katea Stitt, WPFW.

4-5 a.m.


Working Homeless – reported by Anne Hillman

Long The fifth hour of our Homeless Walk Around the White House, plus a shout-out from Faygo, a homeless protester for homeless rights in Sacramento, California.

5-6  a.m.

Short Street Poetry
Long Formerly homeless street musician Doug Seegers, from Sweden, and low-cost housing developer Sean Canonie, from Florida.  Guest host:  Katea Stitt, program director, WPFW.

6-7 a.m.


Profile:  Harley


The sixth hour of hour Homeless Walk Around the White House, plus a shout-out from Jared Stewart who, when we last spoke with him, had just been rousted from his homeless camp in New Orleans and was living under a bridge while awaiting back surgery.


7-8 a.m.


Street Poetry


Is Anyone Anywhere Solving Homelessness? We’ll take a look at some of the models being tried. 

Guest host:  Joni Eisenberg, WPFW.

Hour 14

8-9 a.m.


Homeless in Cape Cod – reported by Lucy Kang

Long The Homeless Walk Around the White House will come to an end at the White House, where housed and homeless people will gather, we’ll announce the results of the “Homeless Primary,” and everyone will sing the Star Spangled Banner.


February FightBack Continues: Freedom SleepOut #32 Tuesday 2-16


Title: The 32nd Time: Freedom Sleeper Activists Hit City Hall Sidewalk
START DATE: Tuesday February 16
TIME: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Location Details:
Near the sacred grounds of City Hall at 809 Center St., in the courtyard until driven out at 10 PM by the anti-homeless “no public access at night” law in “progressive” Santa Cruz.
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Toby Nixon
Email Address tobynixon [at]
Phone Number 408-582-4152
Santa Cruz’s homeless population still faces tickets and stay-away orders from parks at night, harassment in public spaces and buildings during the day, and the Sleeping Ban everywhere in the City after 11 PM. In solidarity with hundreds who have no shelter, Freedom Sleepers will gather at 5 PM and through the night for the 32nd Tuesday night weekly sleep-out.

Last week’s Freedom SleepOut (#31) reportedly included 20 folks throughout the night.

In today’s Sunday Sentinel, David Grishaw Jones of the Peace United Church of Christ has published a strong defense of the right to sleep at night–specifically criminalized here since 1978.

Silver-tongued Steve Pleich has written an article for the on-line Street Spirit newspaper (soon to be available in hard copy in Santa Cruz at the Sub Rosa Cafe): on March 8 City Council meeting with move to strike “sleep”…

Lobbying the Sleep-toxic City Council continues from the more rarified regions of closed liberal and religious groups.

James Weller writes: “Don Lane says the most effective way to support his proposal (which he plans to introduce to the City Council on March 8), if you live in Santa Cruz, is to e-mail the City Council directly – citycouncil [at] Say that Municipal Code Section 6.36 should be amended to remove from its text all references to “sleep,” “sleeping,” “sleeping bag,” “blanket,” and “bedding,” “in vehicles.” ”

The danger here–as with past such limited efforts–is that once Council nixes Lane’s reform, “respectable” liberals will simply stay home or rely on loudly-touted but never-completed legal action when what’s needed is intensified and focused protests.

Also a distant possibility–a lawsuit against the ban backed by the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty– still in the organizing stage.

Former liberal governor Jerry Brown has reportedly also told a local establishment liberal that he may consider the creation of safe sleeping zones supported by the California Conservation Corp.

More direct action by Toby Nixon and HUFF activists being done or under consideration includes free streaming police harassment of homeless sleepers, visible daytime homeless protests outside the relevant city hall offices, and ThugWatch on Pacific Avenue–housed activists monitoring the uniformed First Alarm Security “homeless watchers”.

Further postings on the 32nd Community SleepOut can be found at

Check out the great poster by Warming Center activist Brent Adams:

Global Day of Action against the Arrest of Food Not Bombs in Moscow.

New Salinas law attacks Chinatown homeless encampment:

HUFF activist Robert Norse composed and posted this announcement with input from Pat Colby and Steve Pleich.

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Sunday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Will Look Back on December 2003 9:30 AM Free Radio Sunday 2-14-16


Another flashback edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides.  We’ll look in on  outspoken activist Jhond Golder describing his jail experiences for raising uncomfortable issues with the City,  youth advocate Jerry Henry fighting descrimination out at the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center (before it was a mega-Safeway),  turn-of-the-millenium poetry from Berkeley songstress Julia Vinograd, and writer Becky Johnson confronting Sleeping Ban booster and homeless civil rights remover Mike Rotkin.

The show broadcasts at 101.3 FM, streams on the internet at  It will archive at

Thursday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Will Feature “Camp Paradise” and “Mock-Nazi Salute” Flashbacks to 2002 6PM Today


Swooping back to the March 27, 2002 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides, we join then-homeless attorney Kris Frederickson and Camp Paradise boss Larry Templeton discussing the court fight in the aftermath of Camp Paradise, the homeless-run encampment along the San Lorenzo River near the Hiway 1 bridge.  Also on the show: activists and attorneys Kate Wells and David Beauvais begin the 12-year fight to establish free speech at City Council in the “mock-Nazi salute” cases.  Though the City, after spending several hundred thousand dollars, avoided damages, the precedent became established that “a violation of the rules does not mean a disruption of the meeting”.

The show broadcasts at 101.3 FM, streams on the internet at  It will archive at