HUFF still slurpin’ coffee Wednesday morning 12-30 11 AM at ye olde Sub Rosa Cafe

On the HUFF horizon:  DIY New Year’s Eve parade and promenade Friday evening; reinvigorating demands for SCPD reform in Santa Cruz in the wake of mainstream media reports of police/prosecution/mayoral murder and cover-up in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Minneapolis, Chicago, Ohio, and Missouri; Warming Center Whiplash: Alternatives to Hypothermia when no Program is in Place; Report from Freedom SleepOut #25…and, of course, more than you want and less than you hoped for…

Conscience Against the Cold–Freedom SleepOut #25 in Santa Cruz

Title: Cold Sidewalk & Warm Spirits: Freedom SleepOut #25
START DATE: Tuesday December 29
TIME: 7:00 PM – 7:00 AM
Location Details:
On that cold hard sidewalk in front of City Hall across from the Main Library and whereever else nearby that people can shield themselves from the cold winds of night (temperatures expected to drop to 35 degrees),
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Toby Nixon
Email Address tobynixon [at]
Phone Number 408 582 4152
Continuing an unbroken chain of protest sleep-out’s against Santa Cruz’s “cruel and unusual punishment law” for being poor, visible, and asleep: MC 6.36.010a.

The Sleeping Ban which bans sleeping on any public property, in any structure that’s not a residence, in any vehicle on public property within Santa Cruz City limits.

The $158 fine is usually unpaid by homeless people, who are almost the only ones who get cited. Unpaid citations result in an additional $300 Failure to Pay fine, which is then sent to “Collections” and can impact driver’s license, child support, credit, and other necessities.

Hundreds of such tickets have been written this year. Though in response to the weekly Freedom Sleeper protests, police seem to be using other ordinances to accomplish the same expulsion of the poor objective.

Free Radio Santa Cruz talkshow host John Malkin will be doing a guest hosting KZSC (88.1 FM) Wednesday night on John Sandidge’s Talkabout show where the 7-7:45 PM topic will be the Sleeping Ban. Call-in at 831-459-4036.

Freedom Sleepers will have a preprotest public meeting on the sidewalk outside City Hall at 809 Center St. (On Center between Church and Walnut) at 4 PM before the Tuesday protest. Alternate strategies involving flooding the offices of abusive City departments may be the focus of daytime demos.

Former mayor Don Lane will reportedly be announcing language to amend the Sleeping Ban on January 4th. Preliminary reports suggest that amnesty, reparations, and the right to sleep in one’s legally parked vehicle will not be a part of the reform.

Contact Councilmembers to demand changes:
420-5023: David Terrazas
420-5022: Don Lane
420-5024: Pamela Comstock
420-5025: Richelle Niroyan
420-5026: Cynthia Chase
420-5027: Mayor Cynthia Mathews
420-5028: Micah Posner

Each of the Gang of 7 can be contacted by e-mail; first letter of their name, full last name, followed by (e.g. dterrazas [at] )

The whole City Council can be reached at citycouncil [at] .

In an earlier (2010) move to crush homeless protest, the City “closed” City Hall grounds after 10 PM. Police repeatedly gave unconstitutional citations for this “offense” in the last six months, which some of us are challenging in court.

City bosses have recently apparently acknowledged that excluding people from the posted agendas outside the City Council chambers is a violation of the Brown Act. This Public Meetings law requires that agendas be accessible 24 hours per day for a period of 72-hours before each meeting. A new display has been constructed on the sidewalk across from the Civic Auditorium which is accessible 24 hours a day.

City Manager Martin Bernal was advised of this fact back in August, but responded with klieg lights, parking bans and increased First Alarm Security thuggery. See “Silence from the City Manager on the Eve of the 11th Freedom Sleepers Protest” at

He and the City Council as well as City Attorney Anthony Condotti violated the law again on December 15th by holding a closed dinner with all 7 Council members and their friends which we protested. See “Freedom Sleepers Confront City Council at el Palomar” at

Bring your own warm clothing. Donations of food, clothing, tents, blankets, and sleeping bags are welcome. Even brief visits can cheer the hearts of the Freedom Sleepers–who are now almost entirely unhoused–the earlier housed activists having retreated indoors for the winter.

Toby Nixon will be livestreaming some of the event. More info about his Homeless Advocacy and Action Coalition (HAAC) at .

If you have video, cameras, or audio devices–they can be useful for keeping the armed and uniformed Sleepbusters aware they are being watched.

Brent Adams’ Warming Center Project will be open the night of the protest. See .

This posting was written by Robert Norse. I encourage any additions or corrections.

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Coming Up on Sunday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides

 Part 2 of Tristia Baumann (National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty) phone interview;  Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner George Lippman; Interviews before and during Freedom SleepOut #24 last Tuesday with Crow, Red, Nico, Toby, Joey, Andrew, Laura, Lawrence, Abbi, and Elijah..songs swiped from Uncle Bansai’s Myn Ynd Wymyn.

Tune in at 9:30 at 101.3 FM or dial up on your computer.   Or check out the archive at in a day or two.


HUFFsters & Freedom Sleeper Supporters:  I’m resending a slightly updated version of an earlier e-mail which initially had the wrong web address to hear the 12-13 Forum featuring Aguirre, McHenry, and Baumann.  The correct address is (2 hours and 13 minutes into the file).      The link for the Community TV show featuring me, Aguirre, Baumann, and Pleich can be found below.

Tuesday’s Freedom Sleep-Out 25 is still slated for 7 PM and on into the evening, with an earlier meeting for those who want to attend at 5:30 PM at the Red Church (Calvary Episcopal in one of the side buildings).

D.C. Attorney Tristia Bauman of National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty on Free Radio today 6:30 PM 12-24


Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides, the twice-weekly homeless civil rights show will be playing the first half of a phone interview with NLCHP Senior attorney Tristia Bauman on the national (and local) fight to restore civil rights to folks outside.

Part one of the interview is scheduled for 6:30 PM, part two for 10 AM on Sunday 12-27.

Also on the show:  a report from the Homeless Memorial Reading of the Names of the Dead, reactions to the Santa Cruz Scent-Anal’s smearjob on the Freedom Sleepers protests, and some audio from Freedom SleepOut #24 last Tuesday 12-22.

Tune into 101.3 FM or   Or hear the archive later at .

Phone in to leave comments and/or questions that will be broadcast and/or answered later at 831-423-4833.   Or e-mail Robert Norse at .

HUFF Shouts Humbug at City Council’s Xmas Chilly Cheer 11 AM 12-23 Sub rosa Cafe

Any chance to make the City Council Sinners Repent?      Not likely.    Legal Leapabout:    Attorney Judi Bari may be up for helping follow up on illegal seizures of homeless property;  a review of the year’s abuses and victories.  Reports of violence attacks on the homeless.     The latest chapter on the Lane-Posner “real soon we’ll put the Sleeping Ban on the agenda”.   Xmas treats.

Square Dealing Against Sentinel Smearing: Freedom SleepOut #24 Tuesday December 22nd

Title: El Nino vs. Freedom Sleepers: the 24th Week
START DATE: Tuesday December 22
TIME: 7:00 PM – 7:00 AM
Location Details:
Under rainy skies on the sidewalk and area surrounding City Hall (or possibly in the shelter of some empty buildings nearby. 809 Center St. on Center between Church and Locust.
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Toby Nixon
Email Address tobynixon [at]
As rain drives homeless folks into “illegal” sleeping spots and City Council rests snugly in its warm beds “on vacation”, there is neither shelter nor warming center for 90% of the unhoused community outside. Freedom Sleepers, though reduced in numbers, continue their vigils outside the palaces of the powerful–with the grounds closed at night and patrolled by “security guards”.
A Homeless Memorial for the Dead will make its annual appearance behind locked “security gates” at 115 Coral St. at 10:30 AM in the morning. This show ritual seems designed to benefit the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center rather than address the real causes of death creating new victims each year–compliments of the City’s anti-homeless laws.

Forced to sleep unsafely, scattered, and hidden from police and security thugs, unhoused folks die on average 20 years younger than those indoors. Some believe the best way to remember the dead is to fight like hell for the living against the laws that threaten their health and safety.

Freedom Sleepers and their supporters will be meeting in the Red Church (Calvary Episcopal) at Cedar and Lincoln Tuesday December 22nd at 5:30 PM to propose new actions designed to dramatize and exposes the cruelty of Santa Cruz’s anti-poor laws (such as the “No RV Parking at Night” ordinance due to hit the books on January 8th).

Around 2 PM Food Not Bombs activists including “Blue Box Bad Boy” Keith McHenry (See have announced plans to return to City Hall.

They will serve a hot meal at City Hall in response to the latest spate of falsehoods against the Freedom Sleepers by City Council staff and Sentinel scumslingers.

Folks are invited to chow down in anticipation of a cold if not a wet night and present grievances directly to City Council offices and homeless-hostile staffers–open until 5 PM.

Activist Toby Nixon will again lead the largely unhoused Freedom Sleeper Winter Soldiers in a continued protest against the City’s “go to sleep, go to jail” laws, which begins around dark.

He notes clear skies are predicted for Tuesday night and predicts that food & coffee will only be available if at all before 11:30 PM and after 5:30 AM to facilitate sleeping. Breakfast and clean-up will be done by 8 AM (if any food is actually donated).

Toby says his role is to sleep there, film what happens, and try to be helpful, but can’t be responsible for people’s stuff or serving meals. He has had some experience with encampments and is happy to try and be helpful if he can.

His main point is to encourage people to help establish a place to sleep and even brief visits to the area as well as donations of food, clothing, and protective gear can be helpful.

A video playlist of documentary work on Freedom Sleepers by Toby and others is at .

Sunday’s Santa Cruz Urinal (more commonly known as the Santa Cruz Sentinel) featured a slanted attack piece on the Freedom Sleepers at It hauls out all the old inflammatory falsehoods (poo poo, drug dealing, rowdy behavior, scary appearance) without any documentation.

A Community TV Forum on the Freedom Sleepers features Homeless Legal Assistance Project founder Steve Pleich, Senior Law Center on Homeless and Poverty Attorney Tricia Baumann, Local Free Radio Broadcaster Robert Norse, and San Jose Homeless Activist Robert Aguirre and can be seen at .

A strong editorial from Street Spirit editor Terry Messman responding to former Mayor Don Lane’s is on line at .

Robert Norse’s response is at

Keith McHenry will be defending the rights of those outside and responding to the Sunday Sentinel smearjob. He will also describe his own upcoming Blue Box trials in an hour-long KPFA live broadcast at . More info at .





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New Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show On Tap for 6 PM Today

Broadcasting at 101.3 FM and streaming at 6-8 PM tonight (and archiving shortly thereafter at ),

Scheduled: Freedom SleepOut #23–the Shivering Siesta Goes On!; Interviews with Michael Knox, Mike Rotkin, Brent Adams, Toby Nixon, Dennis Etler, and assorted others.  Endurable and educational commentary by Bathrobespierre Robert.   Updates on the (Where is it?) Warming Center, Project Pollinate’s Saturday Event at Louden Nelson, the rumored appearance of SleepingBan Repeal on the City Council agenda…and more!

Phone in your reactions and objections at 831-423-4833.

Video Chatter and Activist Action

NOTES FROM NORSE:  The Community TV show below followed a 2 hour shmooze-and-chatter Forum in downtown Santa Cruz featuring Robert Aguirre, survivor and organizer of the San Jose homeless Jungle, Keith McHenry Food Not Bombs activist and Blue Box Sidewalk Artist, as well as visiting attorney Tristia Baumann of the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty.

This Sunday I’ll be playing for FRSC, some of the Freedom Sleepers forum that preceded the tv time.  Lots of gabble, but some of it interesting.  Unfortunately no activism plans for specific actions during the coldest “holiday” season of the year at either the Forum or the Talking Heads tv-show.     Audio of the show will air at 101.3 FM and shortly after 9:30 AM on 12-20.  It’ll archive soon after at

We didn’t have it together to access  homeless folks to present to Baumann  to join in a lawsuit against the City’s Sleeping Ban–which Beauman’s organization is reportedly interested in doing.  But if you know of anyone living outside who’d like to participate in a long overdue lawsuit against the City, contact Steve Pleich at 831-466-6078.

Local Attorney Jonathan Gettleman–otherwise not terribly helpful in defense of Freedom Sleepers recently–has written a great attack on the City’s “No RV Parking Anywhere At Night” law which goes into effect on 1-8-16.  He’s told me he’s looking for RV dwellers who’d like to be plaintiffs in his lawsuit against the ordinance.  If you or someone you know lives in an RV, call  him at 831-427-2658 .

Meanwhile some of us have been supporting and other actually attending the ongoing Freedom SleepOut’s at the sidewalk outside City Hall every Tuesday night.  Number #23 happened last night with San Jose Freestreamer Toby Nixon leading the charge.   Number #24 will be coming up on December 22nd.  Toby asks for blankets, tarps, visits, food, and other support.   For info and support, contact him at 408-582-4152.

HUFF meets today at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe downtown to find more ways of pushing back the Black Tide of Bigotry threatening to freeze out the poor this winter.  If you can’t make or can’t tolerate the meetings and want to do more than read grim reports, contact me by e-mail at or call in at 831-423-4833.

Homeless Depot/Camp of Last Resort Activist Phil Posner hears rumors that former Mayor Don Lane may actually hitch up his pants and put abolition of the Sleeping and Blanket Bans on an agenda sometime a month or two down the road.  Support Phil’s hope-ish efforts at .

To contact the clowns on the Santa Cruz City Council, leave them a strong message to support Lane’s rumored action and other actions ending criminalization of the homeless contact the whole Council at 831-420-5020 or get on their cases individually:

420-5023:  David Terrazas   420-5022:  Don Lane    420-5024: Pamela Comstock    420-5025:  Richelle Niroyan     420-5026:  Cynthia Chase

420-5027:  Mayor Cynthia Mathews   420-5028: Micah Posner


Warming Center organizer and homeless video journalist Brent Adams claims he has organized the places and spaces, but doesn’t have the necessary number of volunteers.  See if you’d like to support his “baby steps” program further at .

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs continues to brave withering and weathering each Saturday and Sunday providing food to dozens of hungry folks outside in a public area where poverty is visible.  They are desperately short of cooks and food preparers.  Offer help or get information at .

Freedom Sleepers are hoping to gather next Tuesday at the Red Church (LIncoln and Cedar) at 5:30 PM before Freedom SleepOut #24 to plot and plan.   Join the conspiracy.      If you see Jesus or Mayor Mathews on the on the road, invite them as well.

Tip of the hat to Ken Knobler and the crew down at CTV as well as to Silver-Haired Steve Pleich for getting the show together.  Now how about a regular weekly show updated the frosty situation for homeless folks this winter?

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HUFF meets again at Sub Rosa 11 AM 12-16 703 Pacific Indoors!


HUFF’s been guaranteed an indoor space thanks to the kindness of Penske tomorrow morning.   Up for chatter and possibly action:  More effective documention of police escalation against homeless folks; property and sleeping ban plaintiff search at the homeless meals; sit-down with new Homeless (Lack of) Services Center boss Phil Kramer; organizing against the RV law and supporting the proposed lawsuit against it; defending existing encampments–prospect or pipedream?; allied parallel expeditions assisting Freedom Sleepouts and opening up new daytime protest;  and whatever you fancy!    Liquid consumables available without cost.