Time is running out for those who call the streets of Palo Alto their home

by  • June 25, 2013

Living in you car In one of the most dramatic and important decisions facing homeless people in Palo Alto is the outright ban of those without traditional housing a unique group of homeless people known as “Vehicle Dwellers”.
On June 25th at 6:00 PM sharp a special meeting has been called Continue reading

Open Season on Whistleblowers–in NYC and Santa Cruz

NOTES BY NORSE:   The right-wing City Council “Public Safety” Committee  and the Parks & Recreation Commission forwarded to the Santa Cruz City Council a bill that created a new crime:
“Any person who by his or her conduct, or by threatening, or abusive, Continue reading

Three Fight-Back’s Against the Proposed Palo Alto Ban on Vehicle Homes

NOTE FROM NORSE:   While activists and social service providers (even the poverty pimps) gather to oppose the latest NIMBY attack on homeless-in-vehicles in Palo Alto, in Santa Cruz the corrupt and abusive law enforcement/towing company Combine continues to methodically destroy homeless Continue reading

Arizona ACLU Fights Back; Santa Cruz ACLU Snores On…

NOTES BY NORSE:  The Santa Cruz ACLU, presented a year ago, with concerns about the criminalization of the homeless has taken made no public statements nor forwarded any requests to the northern California ACLU in search of legal assistance.  Continue reading

First Alarm Thugs Stalk the Homeless in San Lorenzo Park

First Alarm Security Guards Profile and Stalk San Lorenzo Park Users

by Alex Darocy ( alex [at] alexdarocy.com )
Monday Jun 24th, 2013 2:59 PM

As a group of approximately one dozen Santa Cruz community members sat in the shade of a tree overlooking the San Lorenzo Park benchlands on the warm Continue reading

Attorneys in L.A. Win Victory; Santa Cruz ACLU Silent on Anti-Homeless Abuses

NOTES BY NORSE:   The “Official Story”, the Santa Cruz politician-and-police position, is that Parks and Rec and other agencies don’t destroy homeless property but hold it as required by state law (and the 4th & Continue reading

Illinois Homeless Bill of Rights Nearly Law

Illinois Bill of Rights for the Homeless sent to the governor’s office

The Illinois Bill of Rights for the Homeless (Senate Bill 1210) is headed to Gov. Pat Quinn for final approval, after securing a final legislative vote May 28. CCH Policy Specialist Jennifer Cushman worked with legislative Continue reading

Alaska and Berkeley: Prejudice and Passion

NOTE BY NORSE:  Tip of the had to John Colby for passing on these stories.  The Alaska “compassionate cop” tale assumes and promulgates the mythology that homeless people are homeless because of alcohol, drug, and “mental illness” problems.  It’s not a housing, job, or income problem (when it’s Continue reading