Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday January 18, 2024 show is a Flashback to November 25, 2010 featuring Interviews on and around the Civic Auditorium Thanksgiving Meal with Dreamcatcher, Catman, Julie C., Gilly, Eden, Colette Connolly, Crow, +

The January 18, 2024 show is a Flashback to November 25, 2010, the Thanksgiving show.  It includes: 

  • Catman, his friend Robert, and changing times on Pacific Avenue
  • Gabe, former anti-war protester turned military volunteer on Vets Hall closure controversy and the shrinking services
  • Shawn with positive report about Socks for Soles, negative report about police harassment, 
  • Alternate histories of Thanksgiving
  • [11-21] Julie Costanza of the In-Home Care Workers on fight to retain wages; outcome of the Dolphin-Lee (Nueva Vista) Project
  • Quick Clips in the Thanksgiving Food Line:  Billy, Joe Schultz, Eden
  • Collette Connolly, elderly PeaceCamp 2010 activist, on her court case—history and outcome of the PeaceCamp 2010
  • “False Choices in Airport Security First a Hand on Your Crotch Next a Boot in Your Crotch” by Michael Scott
  • Song: “I’ll Be Groped for Christmas”
  • Ella Mae on Sleeping Ban stupidity and Dreamcatcher’s Continuing Saga

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday January 14, 2024 show focuses on the City Council’s sell-out of the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution, Updates from Helga & Keith plus a Flashback to October 16, 2005 on the factional medical marijuana way back then

The Sunday January 14, 2024 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides includes:

  • 1-9 Santa Cruz City Council meeting—Item 29 Keeley and associates reject the Gaza ceasefire without debate after hundreds waited in line; Brunner and Brown present their doomed resolution 
  • [throughout the show] Daniel Mackler:
  • Commentary and songs in and around the speakers’ line at City Council from Hector, Nick and others.
  • Bathrobespierre at the Closed Session and Oral Communications on the absence of public process and destruction of homeless camps
  • Katzenjammer Keith on matters foreign, domestic, and local
  • [1-9] Rory Stanton (with pooch Mayhem) on Section 8 shenanigans
  • [1-11] Anteria on police tolerance in Santa Cruz
  • [1-13] Vandweller Yogi Jashua on troubles after the OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) arrives
  • [1-13] Miguel de Leon (Lito) on police seizure of his vehicles one after the other
  • Encounter with Sebastian Novelo, chef and father, reports San Lorenzo valley police discrimination
  • Hopespreader Helga describes a day without answers

The Flashback to October 16, 2005 includes:

  • Hurricane Katrina: Refugee problems in Houston; Narrow Escape from Martial Law in New Orleans
  • Downtown w/homeless lyrics; 
  • [10-1] At Human Rights Organization:  Eve, poet at age 9, on cops, services at Homeless Lack of Services [HLOC]; at Union Grove Planter, report of curbsitter copslammed on his face; Angel on undercover cop bust; 
  • In-Studio Guests: Tamara (5 years on the street), Daniel (“Up Til Now…”), & Cat (on squatting), 
  • Metro Strike: Paul Johnson vs. Mike Rotkin
  • Medical Marijuana: articles; L.C.’s courtcase on marijuana possession of one pound; bad treatment in jail; not enuf $ to buy marijuana or a get a recommendation; comments from Tokin’ Tim Rinker
  • Med X’s Anita Henri of Mex X suggests budget medical recommendations; Andrea on further problems getting “legal”
  • Compassion Flower Inn’s Andrea Tishler weighs in to assist L.C.; A.T. on the “Tax and Regulate” Initiative
  • Henri and Rinker criticize and analyze exclusive meetings between City Councilmembers & the Mike and Valerie Coral of Women and Men Medical Marijuana Alliance apparently not inviting other growers.
  • Susie Kippy on the Metro Bus Strike; More voices as well.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday January 11, 2024 show is a Flashback to November 30, 2008 featuring More Protest at the Metro; Pebbles Trippet on a Court vs. Medical Marijuana Rights, Peggy Lee Kennedy in the Venice struggle; & Street Talk Galore

The January 11, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show is a Flashback to November 30, 2008 which includes:

  • Further Flashback to January 26, 1990 at the Post Office Homeless Table with Jabberwocky Jay Green and “No Guns” Radichi provided musical noise as Sgt. Hennig accosts the tablers
  • [11-08] Return to the Metro Transit center to determine the rights of “loiterers” there and the powers of security guards
  • “Eyes Front” Jean Pirano on Lulu Carpenter’s owner Manthri Srinath’s Discrimination against homeless-appearing customers
  • Calls from Motorhome Chris, Persistent M
  • [10-26]  SAFE  J.P. Freeman’s Collection of ridiculous citations observed for bubblegum wrapper on street, wrong way biking, etc.
  • Tara and Aspirin on escape from the local looney bin; Black Rose (aka Rebecca), Rex seeking booze, & and other streetsters
  • Bill: Inquiry into panhandling the local laws; pregnant singer on the street; and more.
  • Polyamory and police harassment—various chats
  • 11-15] Peggy Kennedy’s Venice CA report
  • Pebbles Trippet of the Medical Marijuana Patients Union on the cost of medical marijuana recommendations/permits

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday January 7, 2024 show focuses on the recent police attack on People’s Park in Berkeley, featuring an interview with Cornerstone Carol Denney plus a Flashback to November 27, 2008 with lots of street interviews

The Sunday January 7, 2024 show includes

The Flashback to November 27, 2008 includes: 

  • [11-23] Irish and Cammuran report an assault by Officer Winston before a crowd of onlooking youth followed by an arrest of the victim and arrival of Winston’s fellow blueshirts; Mark reports cops waking up folks at 7 a.m. on Pacific Avenue;
  • [11-13] Coral, food server with SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom of Expression) reports Officer Forbus harassment
  • Joe on Bad Ass Coffee “we don’t serve people like you”; Robert U. & Alice report Robert ousted after spending $25 on coffee and computer use; reply from Bad Ass management; 
  • Travis on sidewalk spitting ticket, singing Christian music ticket; newly-arrived Carrie praises Santa Cruz
  • [11-14] Flutist Sequoia reports ticketing of the Thursday Christians feeding folks on Pacific; 
  • Nim on being ticketed for feeding the birds, sitting in a group of 2, bike riding wrong direction, sitting against a wall, having trash
  • Corporate Rat, Donkey Man, Chiquita Burrito, on tales of rage, frustration, and whimsy re: police and parental repression
  • Disgruntled downtowner notes 4 days running, “they stole my stuff”; Starlight on cop ousting churchside homeless sleepers; Metro driver madness; 
  • [11-26]  Return to the Metro—challenging the no pamphleting law
  • A taste of Uncle Dennis’s From the Cream to the Dregs 

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday January 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to January 7, 2007 featuring Berkeley attorney Larry Hildes, earlier Flashback-within-a-Flashback to 1993 People’s Park protest, the DIY New Year’s Parade 2006-7 and much more

Apologies for the lack of a 1-4-24 show announcement.  

The content of the show is briefly summarized below and is archived at

The show can be heard at .If you do, the show is in two files which should be opened separately & sequentially as usual. 

The January 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to the January 7, 2007 show with homeless material from Thomas Leavitt’s The Wake Up Call includes:

  • Remembrance for attorney, activist, and homeless-supporter Paul Sanford after his death falling from a tall building
  • Flashback within a flashback:  Pursued by police in an early 1990s People’s Park protest, interview with JayJay and Ute; Redtop Robert Flory on the march from Berkeley Bart through the City 
  • Bathrobespierre on the subsequent history of People’s Park (1991-2007)
  • May of 1996:   Interview with Berkeley attorney Larry Hildes on breaking out activist Shitkicker Sean Alemi and Sandy Ross, falsely jailed for infractions in the City Hall Sleepers Vigil of 1996; his successful fight denying Rotkin’s push for a TRO to stop the vigil on any public property;  the upcoming struggle against an attempt to ban the protest at City Hall at night
  • Tenderfoot Tim Rumford introduced as co-host; 
  • Fresno Freeze-out:  Scrooge-ish “Rescue Mission” boss Larry Arce tears down ornaments from homeless Xmas tree
  • Activist Mike Rhodes on wheelchair bound David Hamilton who spent 7 months in jail awaiting trial for a dropped charge, now harassed for signing on a median.
  • [12-14-07]  Michael Wallace, homeless driver busted for marijuana possession, mistakenly let the cop search his vehicle; Mark, nearby resident, notes less patrol cops; Paula and Yahyah make poetry outside the E-3 playhouse
  • [12-31]  Clitoria Cummings & 100+ others at the DIY 2006-7 DIY parade; Cordelia, the Hugger Woman on countering Counter-Terrorist Terror and spreading the love.
  • Later on New Year’s Eve—running commentary from downtown Santa Cruz
  • [1-7-07]  Visionsong Valerie and Merryweather Mike on Pacific Ave. with Mac and Cheese; Kenneth A. on racist discrimination at Rebele Family Shelter for his family;
  • [  ] Human Rights Organization  vet Bob Patton—Historical and International Overview
  • Karen on Santa Cruz’s Measure K, making marijuana use the lowest enforcement priority

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday December 31, 2023 show features a brief hello, a KZSC interview with Bathrobespierre from Oct 25, 2017 and a full-blown Flashback from February 28, 2016 with Pat Colby, Micah Posner, Mike Boyd, Mike Rhodes, & more

The December 31st  show includes:

  • [12-30-23] Sea Otter reports on a phone being destroyed by an officer while he was videoing what he saw as an abusive police contact downtown within the last few weeks.  Report incidents, send videos to Laura the law-watcher at 831-245-0956.
  • Troy and Otter on washing/drying resources for those outside as the rains hit
  • Bathrobespierre updates the HPHP analyst’s declining to provide more details about the 2023 Homeless Dead (
  • KZSC Host John Sanditch interviewing Bathrobespierre on October 25, 2017 on police directing unhoused to the San Lorenzo Benchlands

The Flashback to February 28, 2016 includes:

  • Fresno journalist and activist Mike Rhodes on police brutality there and his recently published Dispatches from the War Zone.
  • “Push Back” Pat Colby on the homeless right to recycle, the recent Freedom Sleepers [FS] #32 event
  • Mike Boyd on his lawsuit against the taxing of medical marijuana by local authorities.
  • “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on his struggles to present documentation of apt FS clean-up to Assistant City Manager Scott Collins, activist action expanding the free speech squares on Pacific (then called the “blue boxes”), and Toby Nixon’s management of recent FS events.
  • Various stories: 72 Hour Deadline Camper Crackdown in S.F.; SF police obstruction of Mario Woods assassination investigation; police shooting in Burns, OR of man reaching for a waistband;
  • Flashback within a Flashback: 1989: Interview with “Backyard” Brian Staley, first man jailed extensively in the Soup Wars of Spring; 3-13-89 “Slyshoes” Sandra Lorranger, after her arrest for soup serving at the Town Clock.
  • Councilmember Micah Posner grilled on the rental inspection law with few answers

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday December 28, 2023 show is a Flashback to October 6, 2016 featuring Becky Johnson’s Chalkcrime Court Statement from 2002, also Pat Malo, David Silva, Wes White, and Mike Rhodes at the ACLU’s Marijuana Decrim Forum

The December 28, 2023 show is a Flashback to the October 6, 2016 show.  It includes: 

  • Part 2 of Beggerbacker Johnson’s account of the “Criminal Chalking” case  (related material at
  • Palo Malo of the Cannabis Activists Alliance on County marijuana restriction efforts and Prop. 64 (failed) Legalization for Recreation; dangers of state regs eliminating collective garden option under 1996’s medical marijuana Prop 215
  • [10-5] Silva critiques the ACLU Forum on Houselessness as a political candidate booster and a guy selling a book. 
  • Steve Pleich, master of ceremonies, gets Bathrobespierre’s critique, announces the forum.
  • Wes White, Monterey County Homeless Union,  on the Salinas scene.
  • Mike Rhodes, author of Dispatches from the War Zone, and how he got involved in Fresno.

Take a break from rain and tinseltime with a HUFF meeting–10:45 a.m. at Sub Rosa Thursday December 28th at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church. Confusion. Confrontation. Cookies. Carrots. A Canine…

HUFF Agenda Prospects 12-28-23       

  ++++  Priorities, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs , Passarounds    

  ++++  Hand-outs: TBA  

  ++++  Street reports; As ever…Beach, Parking Lots, Pogonip, Library, Levee  

  ++++  Homeless Memorial on line:  

Tick-Tock: Token Tidbits in the Winter War on the Homeless 

  ++++  HUFF Notes & Announcements:TBA   

  ++++  Possible phone contacts: Reggie M’s Latest Oversized Vehicle Report; Marin’s Robbie Powelson on Camp Integrity in San Rafael. 

  ++++  Protest Targets for Winter Shelter/Stop the Sweeps: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission…  

  ++++  City Council refusal to meet for December Gaza ceasefire resolution 

  ++++  Homeless Persons Legal Assistance Project 10-noon  except M,Tu, W, F at UN HQ with blue banner in window at 903 Pacific Ave.  Civil Grand Jury     

  ++++  Alicia Kuhl: OVO update/support for possible protests as well as point-in-time count outcome; Kuhl’s concerns.  

  ++++  Local Anti-War Action:  Ocean/Water St. Saturday picketing 10 am-noon  

  ++++  Confronting Gaza Homelessness—What can Santa Cruzans do?

  ++++  Oakland clears out anchor-outs creating more rough sleepers \ 

   ++++ Serf City Times resumes 12-29 

   ++++  Placeholder followup—study groups:  student anti-war contacts, Darius rental follow-up, Psych rights subcommittee; ticket documenting/public records act request filing  


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Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday December 24, 2023 show features more futile community pleas for a special Council ceasefire resolution from 12-12, the Mime Troupe’s Red Xmas Carol, & bits of the Clock Memorial plus a Flashback to March 5, 2015

The Sunday December 24, 2023 show includes:

The Flashback to March 5, 2015 contains:

  • Food Not Bombs hassled by SCPD for its banner at the Main Post Office meal and clothing donation
  • Hiway 17 blockage by UCSC students against tuition hikes and police violence
  • Norse’s nettlesome local updates
  • Expanded cop-initiated Stay Away orders in parks
  • Col Terry Maxwell supporting the Bearcat but not the way the SCPD slipped it past City Council
  • Bad Times with “Big John”, the library security guard.
  • [2-26]  Street Interviews…”Lookin’ for Love”(Jay, Jack, and Mark), Oz on ticket-signing strategy, Keith M. on SCRAM (against Militarization)
  • Papa John and Curtis Reliford making vehicular music on the street

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday December 21, 2023 show is a makeshift recording of the 2 1/2 hour Homeless Memorial at the Civic Auditorium 10 AM – 12:30 PM. It will air and be archived at or before 6 PM today 12-21

The Service Providers Memorial lasted 2 ½ hours.  

A listing of the names of the dead is posted at 

When HUFF attempted to get more information, David Davis, who seemed to be running the memorial, refused and redirected us to the County Recorder’s Office (  See “Tick-Tock: Token Tidbits in the Winter War on the Homeless” at 

The Memorial may be further described in the Full Blog Archive on the HUFF website at a future date.  

Prior Memorials are available for the last few years at .  

Much early Memorials are likely available in whole or part at .  Click on shows at or shortly after December 21st of the year you’re interested in.   Questions?  Feel free to call me at 831-423-4833.