Decoding SCPD Public Records

For those who want to enter the labyrinthine world of police records, get the officer’s name and badge number, the date, time, and place of the incident, and send an e-mail requesting a Public Record to .    She’s been helpful to me recently but my past experience with earlier Public Records requests have been neither speedy nor satisfying.  However, the SCPD’s attempt to stall, block, or edit a response can also be illuminating.    Details of the display are in the indybay article below.  The names and badge numbers of all SCPD cops can be found at

–R. Norse

by SCPD (posted by Norse)

Monday Jul 29th, 2013 2:10 PM

Another Public Records Act request was speedily answered by Debbie Lenori. She provided a list of some of the codes used by the SCPD in referring to the specifics around “calls for service”. The codes were mentioned in an earlier Public Records Act request seeking info on how much police involvement there was with the 24-hour portapotty (which was supposed to precede a restroom) at Cathcart and Cedar Streets from 1999 to 2003.

I’ll likely be writing another story on Portapotty Politics–since I got a limited response. It’s useful to know the details here–considering the current staff action reportedly planning a portapotty on Front St. near the Community Credit Union in the City’s Parking Lot (see ). I consider this an expensive set-up which is best dumped in the crapper in favor of open bathrooms at night in San Lorenzo Park and downtown.

The codes I was given:

CFLAG – Citizen Flag
TS-Traffic Stop
ACCPP-Accident Private Property
FUP-Follow Up
HOTREG-Registration Request
XCK-Extra Checks
LINFO-Beat Information
SUSPER-Suspicious Person
SUSVEH-Suspicious Vehicle

Call Dispositions are as follows:
HBD-Had Been Drinking
Traffic Stops are either M-Moving Violation/E-Equipment Violation/O-Other
R12-Report, ADW
F60-Follow Up,Other Activity
I70-Citation,Municipal Code
H45-Handled at Scene,Suspicious Circumstances
H52-Handle at Scene,Collision Non-Injury
A62-Arrest, Warrant
H70-Handled at Scene,Municipal Code
S60-Subject Contacted,Other Activity
H60-Handled at Scene,Other Activity
H45-Handled at Scene,Suspicious Circumstances
G45-Gone on Arrival, Suspicious Circumstances
S45-Subject Contacted,Suspicious Circumstances
NDG-No Dispo Given

These codes refer the attached summary of calls for service at Cathcart and Cedar, some of which may refer to complaints about the portapotty there.

For those pondering the attachment, I’m also advised by a local source that only those entries that actually involve a Case Number, as distinguished from an Incident Number are actually on their way to generating a Police Report. There may however be citations without a police report, simply involving officer’s notes. Or such is my experience in traffic court.

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