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xxx  No Escape from Smoke for Those Outside–

xxx  No Tents for the S.F. Sidewalk Dwellers, Sweeping the Streets for the Privileged–

xxx August 18 Demonstration at S.C. City Hall Demanding Rights for the Latinx Vendorsxxx  J.C. Orton, Berkeley Samaritan, on the Bay Area Scene
xxx  Alicia Kuhl on the Latest Duckings and Doings Outside

HUFF quaffs coffee, courts controversy at S.C. City Hall Today Wednesday 9-9 11 AM after City Council Mayor Rejects Any Police Defunding for the Latest Council Agenda

HUFF Agenda Prospects  9-9-20 

          Summary of Recent Netcast Norse (“Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides”) Shows: 

+           9-6 Updates from Keith M., Serg K., Alicia K., Scott G., Backlot Ben, Merryweather Mike, Dreadeye, David Rovics, Sarah Iannarone & J.C. Orton at  

+++        9-3  Field Reports from Lighthouse Linda, Mock-me-Not Monica, Whip-the-Worst Wes, & Zero Hour Zav (names from R.N.) at  

O        Ongoing National Police Abuses Suggesting Fundamental Institutional Corruption 

^^^  Rochester, NY Top Cop Resignations & Nightly Protests in Spit-Hood Killing of Daniel Prude 9-8 

^^^  Salt Lake City, Utah Shooting of 13-year old unarmed autistic Linden Cameroun 9-4 

^^^  Portland, OR cops brutalized wheelchair protester Dustin Brandon 

^^^  San Leandro, CA cop Jason Fletcher  charged with felony manslaughter after shooting dead 33-year-old homeless Black man named Steven Taylor inside a Walmart on April 18 within a span of 40 seconds, because Taylor was trying to leave the store with a tent and a bat 

Local Police/Council Abuses Unanswered 

  • No action at City Council 9-8 on police defunding, nor report from the Mills-Cummings Cop Committee 
  • Signs and barriers still block parking at Swanton & Delaware Streets  
  • Ben’s vehicle unreturned; charges still pending against Keith, Jeremiah. 
  • SC Union vehicle still not returned or compensated for  
  • Property return hours (and SCPD closedown?) still absurdly limited  
  • Vendor Restrictions Resume in late September; Beach St. Vendor Ban in Force 
  • New Murders: L.A.Sheriff Killing of Black Bicyclist Monday, 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, inn Westmont. 

 Agenda Notions: 

  • Street Reports: Downtown Bathroom Closures including City Hall bathroom shutdown Tuesday 
  • Looming Eviction Threat: Council[‘s Weak 10% Ceiling on Profiteering Delayed 
  • Forced Drugging—the Riess Protection Update: Corvalho’s interview 
  • Street Reports on Status of other encampments beyond the Benchlands,. Hiway 1, the Levee 
  • Activist Harassment—Cooper, Pirate, Jeremiah 
  • Flushing Out Homeless from the Pogonip: Bernal’s Expanded Enforcement Powers 
  • Health status & testing availability of folks in the group shelters, Project Roomkey Update 
  • Status of Direct Action Protest as part of BLM movement for unhoused outside residents 
  • The Upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Race: Alicia Kuhl’s Candidacy & Endorsements:  
  • Salinas and Seaside Reports: Wes White and Anton Hunter on Outside Life to the South 
  • Food Not Bombs and Union of the Homeless Reports 
  • St. Francis Soup Kitchen & Other Coffee Shop, Business Discrimination 
  • Olive and Delaware Street Status Updates 
  • September Street Spirit  newspapers Available 
  • Blake v. Grants Pass  Federal Court ruling 
  • Sacramento lawsuit outcome 
  • Impact of Fire Refugee Arrivals and Discriminatory Treatment of Local Homeless  
  • Norse’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows at .   

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides archived & netcast 9:30 AM-3 PM today September 6, 2020-Updates from Keith M., Serg K., Alicia K., Scott G., Backlot Ben, Merryweather Mike, Dreadeye, & More

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City Council defied the Defund the Police demands made repeatedly at the last three Council sessions & direct action protests outside their homes by accepting at $750,000 federal grant for more SCPD enforcement (2 “Community Service” Officers) targeting minors and tobacco sellers.  More expensive and repressive drug war and more powers to an unrestrained local police force that is neither transparent, accountable, nor a peace force. No report from the Police Chief’s Closed Committee is on the September 8th Agenda coming up.   

The D.A. and the SCPD have not dropped inflated and groundless felony charges against MARTY MIRABEL (“PIRATE”) for defending his friend Ben’s vehicular home from a massive police raid in violation of CDC “shelter-in-place” guidelines.  His next hearing is October 6th.  Police continue to cite and harass Ben in spite of the CDC requirements and the Martin v. Boise decision prohibiting such official terrorism.

Keith McHenry, Food Not Bombs activist, continues to face criminal charges for moving several tubs across the street attempting to assist homeless people dealing with Mills massive police raid on the encampment next to the downtown Post Office back in March. 

Mixed reports indicate the typical “emergency shelter” discrimination at the evacuation refugee camps favoring recently arrived middle class homeless against more impoverished long-term local unhoused folks.

No indication that vendors on Beach St. have been invited to resume their family-sustaining sidewalk businesses down there.



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***    Establishment Interview with Defund-the-Police Portland Mayoral Candidate Sarah Iannarone at

***    “Oust the Ostriches” Alicia Kuhl in an August 14 Interview on her City Council Campaign 
***    Bard and Barnstormer David Rovics Reviews the Tenant Crisis in Portland, OR

***    “Scope It Out” Scott Graham and Bathrobespierre Robert Norse Growl Gloomy Predictions for the Upcoming 9-8 Shitty Council Meeting and its Rubberstamped Public-Excluded Agenda

***   Serg Kagno on Fire Evacuation Shelter in mid-August with a Street Salute from Merryweather Mike
***   Activists at the Town Clock Advise on Best Sources for Protest Announcements
***   More Police Killings Uncovered in the Daily Headlines
***    Lefties Survey the 100-Night Long Portland Protest and the Killings There in a segment of Baltimore’s “The Real News” Stir Crazy Panel Discussion at
***    Berkeley Street Spirit Newspaper Distributor J.C. Orton Spreads Food and News Amidst Plague and Fire

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Act Locally or Regret Later

  • Tuesday September 8th 1:30 PM Another Public-Excluded Sanitized Agenda of the Santa Cruz City Council meeting frequently inaudible and unnecessarily inaccessible.
  • Demand Full resources for ALL homeless whether inside or outside the County’s Containment Camp ! 
  • Support Tenant Resistance to the Unjust and Unconscionable Evictions on the September Horizon
  • Be on the lookout for City Mangler Martin Bernal’s County-funded Raids against Pogonip Campsites “to protect against fire danger” with Hiway 9 paths now taped off and 24 hour “No Parking” signs posted.
  • Join FenceWatch to monitor SCPD attempts to close off Public Space as they’ve three times done near the Post Office in their relentless anti-homeless campaign in violation of CDC Shelter-in-Place guidelines.  Remove the Fences on Coral St.   Protect and Provide Resources for the Survival Tents Along Hiway 1 at River St.
  • Document police pressure against many campsites citywide: Information is Power!  
  • Call in street reports to HUFF and the Free Radio Santa Cruz netshow back at 831-423-4833; Post your video on facebook and you-tube.  Pass on protest times and places via Instagram, and
  • Join Food Not Bombs [FNB], HUFF, and other local groups at theDaily Meal at the Laurel & Pacific seeking volunteers to pass on information and provide support. 
  • Eat and organize at FNB meals 1:30-5:30 weekdays, 4-6 Sat & Sun.
  • Demand Legislative Rubberstampers of City Manager Martin Bernal and County Potentates Restore Actual Public Meetings instead of Closed Door On-Line Charades.
  • Call City Hall (420-5020) and the Board of Supervisors (454-2200) or Rattle the Windows of these Toxic Pretenders where They Work & Live to demand Defunding Police Agencies to secure safety & services.
  • Hit the streets to Insist that City Manager Bernal and Chief Mills stop the sweeps of homeless encampments–violating the CDC directive and halt $$ for these and other police terror sweeps.
  • Prepare for peaceful urgent Direct Action to enact these health & safety measures if City Manager Bernal, Mayor Cummings, and Chief Mills continue to Stall.
  • Resist Business and Corporate Pressure to Restore Massive Tourist “Business as Usual” in the midst of a Pandemic of Unknown Dimensions 
  • Prepare for the likely return of explicit anti-homeless police, business, and vigilante activity as “business-as-usual” resumes.

  • Check out resumed HUFF meetings Wed 11 AM either at the Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific or in front of City Hall across from the Main Library downtown (next meeting 9-10: phone 831-423-4833 for confirmation). 
  • Demand “Bad News” Bernal Order His Cops to Stand off and Allow Homeless Activists to Reopen Camp Phoenix, let other survival campers remain where they are without molestation (stop the sweeps!), and/or allow for self-run triage zones (as at the Ross Camp site) now that Governor Newsom has declared that area surplus space to be designated for homeless use. Provide decent facilities for trash pick-up, washing, drinkable water, and bathroom access.
  • Pressure the City to provide support for vehicular residents, water for those outside, portapotties for those in the Pogonip and the Levee, and decent survival services citywide.
  • Denounce the latest cosmetic “See, We Have Shelter” lie with the pathetic and all-in-the-same-room response of the Vet’s Hall, the Armory, and Laurel St instead of the needed and promised motel rooms.  These need to be provided BEFORE symptoms develop, BEFORE testing, TARGETING the most vulnerable but providing for all as the crisis escalates nation-wide.
  • Demand immediate transfer of money to shelter the many rather than provide an illusion by unsafely sheltering a few, while really providing protective cover to the City Council and Board of Supervisors for essentially doing nothing for the great majority and allowing Mills’ police-and-rangers to threaten campsites with seizure and arrest at will as police are the only large gang allowed to publicly assemble.
  • Contact Chief Mills at  to demand fundamental changes such as that seized survival gear be available for reclaiming during regular business hours, not just 6 hours as week.  See
  • Hold accountable City Hall NIMBY whenever they show up in public:  Mayor Justin Cummings, City Manager-for-Life Martin Bernal, His Wrecking Crew of Abuse Enablers Susie O’Hara and Megan Bunch, Police Chief Andy Mills, & City Attorney Tony Condotti  for Inciting the Ross Camp Destruction,  Subsequent Deaths, & the Friday Nov 15th Demolition of Camp Phoenix (the renewed Deseire Memorial Survival Encampment in back of Ross) with a campaign of lies to the community regarding “adequate shelter options”.
  • Remember Deseire Quintero–Killed by City Indifference, Negligence, and Malice in Closing the First Ross Camp Without Any Adequate Shelter!  Support Survival Campgrounds, Empty Building Takeovers This Plague Season Wherever They Happen.  Provide them with supplies.
  • Take peaceful action to open up buildings for Emergency Shelter as well as an end to harassment citation of folks surviving outside under “trespass on public property”, “closed area”, “public nuisance” and “blocking the sidewalk” pretexts.
  • Witness, oppose, and document police and ranger harassment using “closed areas”, “blocking the sidewalk”, “public nuisance”, “public trespass”, and “illegal lodging” to get around the Boise v. Martin “No shelter? No tickets!” decision.
  • Demand City Manager “Mangler” Martin Bernal and SCPD Police Chief  “Ambushmaster” Andy Mills account for their destruction of Camp Phoenix ignoring City Council’s required Standard Operating Procedures for closing encampments and violating their own admission that “trespass” could not be properly applied to the survival sleepers.  Remember the bad history so it’s not repeated!

·  Contact Alicia Kuhl  to find more direct and effective ways to support the next shelter-in-place encampments, legal challenges, and fundamental police change  throughout the City starved of food and survival gear at 831-431-7766.   DONATE SURVIVAL GEAR  & VOLUNTEER DURING THE CRISIS EVERY DAY AT FOOD NOT BOMBS Laurel & Front St. MEAL.

·  Document Homeless Discrimination & Sign Up for Direct Action to “Open the Bathrooms Now!” Action by contacting the SC Union, HUFF,  Conscience & Action, or the Give-A-Shit Campaign

·  Provide Direct Support to Survival Camps & Squats as City Council Ignores the Emergency; Skip the Poverty Pimp Entrepreneurs to give directly to Food Not Bombs, the Felker St. Footbridge Services, the SC Homeless Union and other real providers.

·  Post Your Documentation of Police and Ranger “Move Along” Mischief or Pass it on to BadAss Mama at 831-431-7766

·  Donate to Existing Homeless Encampments, NOT Poverty-Pimp Posturers– Survival Demands Blankets, Water, Tarps, Portapotties & Trash Pick-Up’s–and Deter Police Harassment by being On Call to Document It.

·  Additional Needs for Community Samaritans!–More Needs: Potable Water for Drinking, Laundry Access so Clothes Don’t Mildew, Electrical Phone-Charging Hook-up’s and More Space in Additional Spots, Monitor and Expose Cop Crackdowns

·  Support Food Not Bombs,  the Warming Center’s Day/Night Storage Program, HUFF, and independent homeless activists by documenting, providing resources, & publicizing the situation.

  •  Check out The Santa Cruz Community, Santa Cruz Homeless Advocates & Homeless Outside in Santa Cruz, Monterey County Homeless Advocates, SNAIL, HEART Disabled Homeless People,  Power Surge Tenants Rights, Bay Area Landless People’s Alliance, and more on Facebook. Then go out and do something!
  •   Read Updates and Post Them on Santa Cruz Indymedia at
  •   Exchange information with other supporters there to generate more communication and better solutions in the future.
  •   Listen in to Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at Thursdays 6-8 PM, Sundays 9:30 AM- 3 PM
  •   Hear archived shows at .  Call in with anytime with street reports: 831-423-4833
  •   If you must, expropriate items from corporate & chain stores.  Don’t steal from vulnerable fellow homeless or local businesses!

REMINDER:   Free Radio Santa Cruz still stands ready to dole out $300 for info leading to a 10′ X 10′ studio space with bathroom, internet, and electrical access–either indoors or out (we’ll build a structure).  We’re also seeking a transmitter space where we can put up an antenna–a backyard, a multistory home, a high tree–help us spread the word.   Help us so we can help you!

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast streams tonight 9-3-20 at 6 PM at & archived at Lighthouse Linda Lemaster Reviews Evacuation Accommodations


If you miss the 6 PM show time, you can also download and hear it at

xxx  “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster in Flight from Fire & Smoke reviews Emergency Accommodations

xxx  HUFFsters Bathrobespierre “Help Not Harassment” Mom Monica on the Continuing War Against Vehicle Dwellers

xxx  “Whips Not Whimpers” Wes White on tomorrow’s Day in Court for the Salinas Sleepcrime Stalwarts

xxx  Tenant Sanctuary worker Zav Herschfield surveys the thin Tenant “Protections”

HUFF returns from its Fiery Exile today (Wed 9-2) in the Belly of the Beast: NEW MEETING LOCATION: City Hall Courtyard 11 AM Free Coffee Some Seating 809 Cedar St.

HUFF Agenda Prospects  9-2-20 

Continuing Local Police Abuses

  • No indication signs and barriers have been removed from Swanton & Delaware Streets driving away vehicular residents in violation of Coastal Commission regs. 
  • No return or recompense for S.C Homeless Union car, used to store clothing and food donations and also as shelter for unhoused guy, stolen two weeks ago from the FNB meal area.   
  • No reasonable property release hours at SCPD (6 hours per week only) with survival gear still being jacked (as in Jeremiah arrest of a week ago by Officer Jones near Subway.  
  • Downtown Vendor Restrictions Resume in late September; Beach St.. Vendor Ban in Force 
  • Threatened police move on FNB Meal Site ? 

        Agenda Notions: 

  • Street Reports: Downtown Bathroom Closures, Encampment Expansions 
  • Newsom Sells out the Tenants:  AB 1436 warped into AB 3088—the Coming Eviction Plague 
  • Any Protections Against Forced Drugging—the Riess Protection Update 
  • Street Reports on Status of other encampments beyond the Benchlands 
  • Benchlands contact, polling to check abusive evictions and restrictions 
  • Flushing Out Homeless in the Pogonip: Bernal’s Expanded Enforcement Powers 
  • Health status & testing availability of folks in the group shelters, Project Roomkey Update 
  • Exploring Joint Coalition Direct Actions to restore, expand services among uncaged outside residents 
  • Connection with Direct Action activists who restored open space down at the Post Office last Monday 
  • The Upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Race: Alicia Kuhl’s Candidacy & Endorsements.
  • Salinas and Seaside Reports: Wes White and Anton Hunter on Outside Life to the South 
  • Updates and Upcoming Protests from  BLM, DSA, and displaced tenants 
  • St. Francis Soup Kitchen Discrimination Status for Angel & other Alicia allies 
  • Olive and Delaware Street Status Updates 
  • September Street Spirit  newspaper coming soon. 
  • Blake v. Grants Pass  Federal Court ruling 
  • Sacramento lawsuit outcome 
  • Impact of Fire Refugee Arrivals and Discriminatory Treatment of Local Homeless  
  • Local Non-Response to 7 Bullets for Jacob Blake and subsequent attacks on BLM protests 
  • Norse’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows in Exile on Santa Cruz Indymedia:                
  • Latest Outrages Against Cooper & Russell, Ben and Pirate, Jeremiah

  • HUFF shows are back on the net !  Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides shows are being netcast Thursdays 6-8 PM and Sundays 9:30 AM – 3 PM at  Archives of most recent shows are available anytime at .  Some new “during the evacuation” shows are available at that site. 

     HUFF meetings are usually recorded for personal notes, member info, and replay on the net.  Reserve comments you don’t want public for private discussion later.