HUFF at mid-Summer: Still scheming sleepouts and sipping coffee 11 AM 8-5 Sub Rosa


Bubbling up in the HUFF cauldron this time:   Police High Command Orders and Procedures Around Stay-Away Law; Supporting the Sunday SleepOut?, The Tuesday Day-and-Night Sleep-About at City Hall with the Freedom Sleepers; Dogging Disability Discrimination; The latest Ha-ha from the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center on their Admission Policies…and whatever blowsin the door…

Grab Your Blankets and Join Us–4th SleepOut at City Hall 7 PM 8-2 Main Post Office


Title:  Freedom Sleepers Resume Protest at City Hall
START DATE:  Sunday August 02
TIME:  7:00 PM – 7:00 AM

Chow down at Food Not Bombs 4-6 PM, then gather in front of the Main Post Office for final preparations, followed by a parade to City Hall, a modest meal there, and a night outside City Hall. We encourage the community to join us in a night of peaceful petitioning and protest to end the City-wide Sleeping Ban.
Event Type: Protest
We continue this conscience-raising solidarity with homeless people outside who have no legal place to sleep (1500-2000 of them).

Claudia Brown, speaking for the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center declared recently that the HLOSC will not be serving people who don’t have a funding stream (such as SSI or Section 8 Vouchers)–as a “path to housing”.

Meanwhile police and rangers continue harassment ticketing with additional “stay-away” orders for the “crime” of sleeping after 11 PM outside. City Council’s response has been to increase penalties, add more police, and create more “closed” areas.

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NOTE: This posting reflects my views specifically, though I believe they are shared by many of the Freedom Sleepers.


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